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Titan Stocks LSXR Manifold for LS3

September 25th, 2009 Comments off

The engineers at FAST™ teamed up with the airflow specialists at RHS™ to develop a three-piece, polymer intake manifold for rectangular port GM LS3/L92 engines. Testing on a stock LS3 engine with a Big Mouth 102mm Throttle Body™ produced gains of 14+ horsepower and 11ft/lbs of torque at the flywheel over the stock intake.

Following the path charted by the original FAST™ LSX™ Gen III Manifold, the new LSXR 102mm Intake Manifold features a three-piece modular design that allows easy disassembly and porting. Extensive testing led to a runner design that is longer and less restrictive, yielding both torque and power gains over the stock intake. New to this design is the ability to remove individual runners from the manifold for modification.

The LSXR™ is constructed from a proprietary advanced polymer material which offers a host of benefits over aluminum aftermarket intakes, including lighter weight, strength and improved heat dissipating characteristics. While the LSXR™ features a 102mm air inlet that is perfectly suited to the FAST™ Big Mouth 102mm Throttle Body™, it can also be used with stock or aftermarket 90mm or 92mm throttle bodies. Other features include integrated nitrous bungs and perfect bolt-on fitment that allows use of factory accessories without modification or clearance concerns.

ZEX Releases 2010 Chevy Camaro V8 Nitrous System

September 18th, 2009 Comments off

The first nitrous system on the market specifically designed for the new 2010 Chevy
Camaro V8, instantly delivering up to 175 additional horsepower With the release of the 2010 Chevy Camaro, ZEX™ engineers have custom designed a nitrous system specifically tailored to the Gen V Camaro’s LS3 V8 engine. We not only tuned the kit to add 75-175 additional horsepower but also made the installation easy and ensured engine safety at the same time. This innovative nitrous system’s Active Fuel Control™ adjusts fuel delivery with changes in nitrous bottle pressure so that your engine never runs too rich or too lean while spraying. In addition, the system also offers an electronic TPS switch for reliable system activation at wideopen throttle; perfect for the Camaro’s throttle-by-wire system. These patented, innovative features make ZEX™ nitrous systems unlike any other kits on the market. The easy-to-install ZEX™ system is available in both the classic purple or the new Blackout™ series with its black powder coated bottle and all necessary accessories for a simple, two hour installation. The ZEX™ 2010 Chevy Camaro V8 Nitrous Kit is simply the easiest way to add serious performance to this new vehicle, while at the same time ensuring engine safety. With all the extra torque and horsepower, it’s not uncommon to see over one second quicker e.t.s in the quarter mile.

Fidanza Announces New 2010 Camaro Twin Disc

September 2nd, 2009 Comments off

For far too long the use of a twin disc clutch meant that you had to sacrafice driveability. They were on and off switches that you dare not use on the street. But when you have a car making too much horsepower for a conventional clutch set-up, what were you to do? Now there is an answer!

The new Fidanza twin disc clutch kits are designed to hold up to 900 ft/lb of torque. This is achieved by using state of the art materials and incredible designs. All this holding power does not mean that driveability is lost. Pedal feel is virtually unchanged and engagement is as smooth as our 3.2 kevlar single disc unit.


At only 8 3/4″ in diameter, we have also kept down the rotating mass to further improve performance.

The kit not only includes the pressure plate and both discs, but also a state of the art high quality performance flywheel.

6.5 Carbon organic Twin Disc

  • 600 ft. lbs. torque capacity
  • smooth engagement and drivability
  • Completely rebuildable
  • Kit weighs 33.5 lbs
  • Near stock pedal pressure
  • Reduced rotational mass off the crank
  • Increased power capacity over stock for a wide range of modifications and or driving styles
  • 8 3/4″ x 26 x 11/8 disc dimensions

7.6 Ceramic Twin Disc

  • 900 ft. lbs. torque capacity
  • Semi agressive engagement
  • Completely rebuildable
  • Kit weighs 33.5 lbs
  • Near stock pedal pressure
  • Reduced rotational mass off the crank
  • Increased power capacity over 6.5 for forced induction and extreme motor builds
  • 8 3/4″ x 26 x 11/8 disc dimensions

Eibach Releases 2010 Camaro Pro-Kit

August 20th, 2009 Comments off

Eibach Pro-Kit is the perfect answer for most frequently-driven street cars. It’s our legendary spring system that dramatically improves both a vehicle’s performance and appearance.

Pro-Kit lowers your Camaro’s center of gravity, reducing squat during acceleration, body roll in corners and excessive nose-dive under braking. When combined with Plus-1 or Plus-2 wheels and tires, the Eibach Pro-Kit is the finishing touch to a winning recipe for performance. Pro-Kit also reduces excessive fender-well clearance, making your car look just as hot as it performs.



OE rate: 29 N/mm (165 lbs/in)
PK rate: Progressive 25-39 N/mm (143-222 lbs/in)
OE wheel center to fender: 410 mm (16.1 in)
PK wheel center to fender: 383 mm (15.1 in)
Pro-Kit can be aligned to OE alignment specifications.

Approximate installation time: 1.5 hr


OE rate: 65 N/mm (370 lbs/in)
PK rate: Progressive 51-85 N/mm (291-485 lbs/in)
OE wheel center to fender: 414 mm (16.3 in)
PK wheel center to fender: 389 mm (15.3 in)
Pro-Kit can be aligned to OE alignment specifications.

Approximate installation time: 1.5 hr

Check out Titan Motorsports for more Eibach

First 2010 Camaro enters the shop at Titan Motorsports

August 10th, 2009 Comments off

We had the pleasure of working on our first 2010 Camaro in the shop last week. Our UPS rep Jon had just taken delivery and was looking to have the windows tinted to protect his investment and keep his trick interior cool.

Prior to taking delivery of the car it was shipped to DSV Customs for a complete interior refresh. All panels where wrapped in black leather with matching blue stitching and a custom SS embroidered logos in the headrest. The end result is a unique interior that looks and feels like it was transplanted from a car 2-3 times the Camaros cost.

We’ve just scratched the surface of what’s to come for this Camaro, Jon has big ambitions for this project and we’re glad to help him throughout the journey.

New Jet Performance Module For 2010 Camaro

July 29th, 2009 Comments off

Easy to install inline performance module enhances air/fuel ratio, ignition advance and more. Provides seat of the pants difference in power, throttle response, and fuel efficiency. Stage 1 recommended for completely stock and Stage 2 with at least an improved intake and exhaust system. Also fits 2009 Corvette 6.2L and 2009 Pontiac GXP 6.2L.