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Auto Supra w/Haltech ECU and Custom Interior/Audio

November 23rd, 2009 Comments off

We just finish the build out of our good customer Marc P’s latest Supra. The Supra features a Turbonetics 67mm Turbo, Titan 264 Cams, Haltech Platinum 2000 ECU, and Titan Twin Pump Fuel System with 850cc Injectors, just to mention a few.

Along with the performance parts, Titan’s interior/audio division also had a chance to work on the Supra. We added OEM BMW Imola Leather to the seats and door inserts…

…along with stereo components from Kicker.

The car came out really nice and the Haltech “plug and play” ECU worked like a charm. Here is a video of it starting up. Enjoy

Titan Preps IPG Civic for Outlaw Shootout

September 28th, 2009 Comments off

The Sport Compact Fall Nationals will take place this weekend, October 3rd & 4th, at Englishtown’s Raceway Park. Titan’s very own John Ferguson will be piloting the IPG Civic of James Innes at this weekend’s event.

After recent testing at Orlando Speedway, the engine had a little unexpected wear, and was torn down and rebuilt here at Titan, in preparation for this weekend’s race. In addition to some super-secret engine and turbo modifications, the civic also got a fresh face lift, with a new front bumper to match the flared fenders. The car now not only looks meaner, but sounds it too, and is ready to give the guys in the Outlaw FWD class a run for their money.

UK Showstopper Gets The Titan Makeover

July 24th, 2009 Comments off

In the eyes of any car enthusiast, there can always be more. No matter how much you modify your car, and no matter how happy it makes you, there’s always that next part, that next set of wheels, or that next paint scheme. This is very much the case with our latest arrival to the Titan Motorsports holding pen. David Price has brought his beautiful green Supra all the way from the United Kingdom to have the crew at Titan give it a complete makeover. The car is being repainted (same color), will be receiving a fresh set of HRE wheels, as well as a fully built Titan motor. If this Supra was mean and green before, it’s going to be Bruce Banner Bad-Ass when we are done with it. We will be posting pictures of the entire build, so stay tuned for frequent updates.

Titan Motorsports Camo 996tt w/ K24/18G – 712rwhp @ 1.48 bar

May 5th, 2009 Comments off

712rwhp @ 1.48 bar ……In 94 degree heat.

We’ll be Shipping the car to Puerto Rico for a drag race on May 30th and needed to get a good tune-up in the car before she ships off Thursday. Darin has been working hard to get the Motec and factory ECU to co-operate with each other and get the car tuned. After a few hours on the ECU the car was running excellent and manged to make 712rwhp @ 1.48bar in the 97 degree heat we where blessed with today. The car is running on VP C16 fuel, and still has quite a bit left, however with the shipping deadline looming we where simply out of time to do anymore tuning. I want to thank Tony@EPL for helping us remove some fail safes in the factory ECU and his great advice along the way. I’m still impressed that the old girl is running so well with over 66k miles on the odometer and a completly factory engine. If all goes as planned we expect to hit the local test and tune tomorrow before loading the car up.

Setup :
Stock Engine, never been opened up, 66k miles
-Second Bosch 044 inline in Fuel Filter spot
-Motec M800 / EPL Motronic ECU
-Tial BOV
-AWE Straightpipes
-Injector dynamics 1,000cc Injectors
-USP Intercoolers
-Titan Motorsports Intake Fenderwell intakes

Project 996tt get Motec and a host of changes as a result.

April 29th, 2009 1 comment

We’ve been working on a Motec PNP solution for the Porsche 996tt since we purchased our car. Starting off with a base jump harness Darin was able to wire the Motec into the jump harness without cutting a wire on the factory harness. If we even wanted to go back to a factory Motronic setup we can unplug the jumper harness and plug the factory ECU back in. I want to be the first to say this is not a replacement for a ECU reflash, and should not be considered as such. While the harness is plug and play, the setup and tuning of a standalone is anything but and should be left to only the most qualified of tuners. It’s not intended for a full daily driver or basic bolt-on turbo car, we’re looking to race the car heavily at both the drag strip and road course, and went with the Motec for on the spot control of the ECU, as well as the additional data that can be recorded and reviewed between runs during testing. We’ve had to do quite a bit to get the factory ECU to continue to control the vehicle while allowing the Motec to take control of the engines functions, but after a few days or troubleshooting we have made huge grounds and have the car running and driving quite smoothly, now it’s just a matter of turning the car up and making the extra power we hope for with the K24/18G setup.

As a result of converting the car to speed density we where able to remove some factory parts that are known to be restrictive. Here you can see the very restrictive plastic intake ducting that connects the airbox to the turbocharger inlet. Anyone who thinks that new shiny airbox or filter is getting them a ton of performance, remember it has to flow through this restriction before it ever meets the turbos.

Since we removed the MAF sensor and went to a speed density setup when installing the Motec we where able to use a standard air filter setup, our Fabricator John did a great job of routing the pipe through the fenderwell to the new filter location.

This image should show you how tight a fit the 2.5″ pipe is inside the wheel well. It took many test fits but John was able to make the pipe work while providing adequate clearance for our R888s to fit. We modified the intake ducting for the intercooler to provide fresh air to the filter as well, providing a true ram air effect that not only provides the filter with fresh air, but still maintains proper intercooling as well.

Since the Motec operates off a MAP sensor rather than a closed loop MAF sensor, we where able to remove the factory diverter valve setup and install a standard blow off valve onto the existing Y Pipe. We opted for a Tial BOV mounted at the front of the y-pipe for easy vacuum line routing and venting to atmosphere.

We’ve got a bit more fabricating and tuning to do, but hope to have the car on the dyno on Friday and if all goes as planned the car on the track that evening.

Air Shipment arrives at Titan for upcoming project….

March 26th, 2009 Comments off

Today we received a much anticipated air shipment arrived at Titan. We’re quite used to seeing parts shipped truck freight, but when you see a pallet come through the door marked air, you know you’re dealing with a serious individual. Were anxiously to check out the contents which are for a project being done in the shop next week, can you say Supercharged horsie?

Status Racing – Ring GT Carbon Seats

March 9th, 2009 Comments off

Today I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas as the UPS man arrived for our daily drop off. Our new Status Racing Ring GT seats arrived for our Porsche, and I must admit I was highly impressed with them. We opted for the Ring GT seat in a black carbon fiber with black alcantara covering for this application to tie in with the black carbon interior package in our car. The attention to detail on these seats is unbelievable, the weave is perfect, the covering has no wrinkles, and they even include a billet etched serial plate on the seats. These seats are available in a FRP, Carbon, or Carbon Kevlar finish and have covering options available in cloth,suede, and leather in a wide variety of colors. Most seats can be turned around in 2 weeks of less, a very impressive feat given the high standards of quality Status strives to achieve. Like many of their products, these seats meat FIA safety requirements and are acceptable in most racing organizations.

The factory Porsche seats with hardware weighed in at a hefty 60lbs each including hardware. Our new Ring GT’s without hardware weighed in at 21lbs! Even with the brackets and sliders mounted on the seat we still should be looking at a 65-70lb savings for the pair. It’s hard to argue with a great looking, comfortable seat made from quality products that saves so much weight. We’ve been in talks with Status since we first saw their high quality products at SEMA, and are proud to be one of their main East coast distribution points. If you’re in the market for a custom seat or set of quality harnesses, give one of our sales reps a call or email and they’ll make sure you’re covered.

Project 996tt gets some Liposuction

March 6th, 2009 1 comment

After our last trip to the drag strip it was requested we add a rollbar due to our low 11 second time slip. Fortunately we already had a GMG rollbar waiting or the car, just needed to find time to install it. Our Status racing seats are due to arrive Monday as well so we felt what better time than now than to prep the interior for the rollbar an seat install early next week.   First off we weighed the factory seats, I was amazed to find they way almost 63lbs EACH. Our carbon fiber Status racing seats are likely to shave a considerable amount of weight off (probably 55-65lbs for the pair). That’s all find and dandy but we figured it would be best to get as much weight as possible out of the interior while we had the seats out. We stripped all the carpet out so that we could skim the sound deadening foam off before reinstalling the carpet.

This should give you an idea of the process and end result. It’s tedious but well worth it in an effort to make the car quicker.

Heres a better idea of the end result, a hefty bag full of heavy foam, about 35-40lbs worth and we still have a bit more foam to skim off (my hands need some time to rest and heal).

We’ll continue the process early next week, and install our matte Black GMG Rollbar, Status Seats, and Status racing harnesses. While were installing the interior we’ll have the transmission out of the car getting a Guard 40/60 LSD which should help our short times at the track. These improvements should put us well into the 10s in a streetable 996tt, I’m anxious to get her back out to the track!

Project 996tt hits the dyno and drag strip for initial testing.

February 26th, 2009 1 comment

After a few busy weeks we finally got a chance to get Project 996tt on the dyno for some initial tuning with our new K24/18G+ kit. After a few busy weeks in the shop working on customers cars and a short weight for a few final missing parts we strapped her on our in-house dynojet in RWD format to begin tuning and get some power to the ground.

We’ve slowly been turning up the boost on the car and dialing in the tune with the help of Tony Chick from EPL’s using their new dealer flash tool. The flashing has been flawless and the process of uploading a new file to the car takes mere minutes. We’ve seen great results so far at lower boost levels and will be turning the boost up a couple ticks in the next week or two to get even more power out of the setup. Using our new fuel system is working great and ad 1.31 bar we where only at 55% duty cycle on the injectors, so we have plenty of room to go for more boost, we’ll likely stop at 1.4-1.5bar on race fuel as this should be a good point for hard usage on the stock engine.

First Pass on low boost (1.15 bar):

60′ 1.729
330 4.889
1/8 7.404
MPH 100.83
1000 9.535
1/4 11.293
MPH 126.79

Second Pass with a bit more boost (1.31 bar)

60′ 1.882
330 4.957
1/8 7.306
MPH 105.99
1000 9.344
1/4 11.051
MPH 130.34

We’ll be doing a bit more tuning this week, hopefully turning the wick up for a bit more power. Chris Green @ USP Motorsports is sending a set of his intercoolers for us to use on the car, that should help keep the intake temperatures down as the boost gets turned up. Now that we’ve gone quicker than 11.5X twice, the track has also requested we install a roll bar. We’re going to take some time to install our GMG cage and new Status seats and try to get rid of some more dead weight in the interior. Progress is always a good thing and with a near 10 second pass on only our 2nd pass, I’m quite happy with where we’re heading.

CCW C2K Track Wheels for Project 996tt

February 18th, 2009 1 comment

As project 996 evolves, we’re finding that with more power, we need more grip. This applies to both street and track, as the 600+ HP we anticipate to make will overpower our 19″ PS2s with ease. This car will be used for highway racing, drag racing, road racing, and still needs to be streetable enough to drive to local shows and select events. We decided it was time to get a track wheel setup for the car in a 18″ sizing that offered a much wider tire selection.

We’re fortunate to have CCW Wheels located less than an hour from us in Daytona. We’ve used CCW wheels on many of our personal and customer Supras in the past as they offer very aggressive fitments in a lightweight reasonably priced package. We’re trying to get the car ready for a track day at Roebling Road this weekend and wanted some wheels quick, we gave John @ CCW a call on Monday and had our new wheels here on Wednesday. The wheels are the CCW C2K, the latest in the forged Corsair line which is machined from a single 6061-T6 aluminum forging. This wheel takes some inspiration from the original CCW Classics and applies it to the forged track wheel lineup available in a 18″ size allowing for plenty of tire choices. We needed a sticky tire for this application and gave our good friends at Toyo a call, they supplied their latest R Compound tires the R888s in 235/40zr18 and 315/30ZR18 sizing. I’m anxious to get the car tunes and put our new track wheel and tire setup to the test, results to follow.