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I Think We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat!

April 20th, 2010

At Titan Motorsports, we never get tired of seeing people pushing the limits of possible performance and doing whatever it takes to figure out a winning combination. Sometimes that path is the path less traveled. Take for example Jaw’s Gear & Axle’s Toyota Supra powered Mustang:

Tired of the conventional Blue Oval power, Jeff Wilson of Jaw’s Gear chose to go with a single turbo 2JZ-GTE motor for its reliability, superior strength, and enormous power potential. Jeff will be running in the SCSN event in November and WCHRA in the LT5 class throughout the season, with Titan as a contributing sponsor. With the help of Titan’s high quality race proven parts, Enterprise Motorsport’s outstanding fabrication skills, Dave Engine’s race engine building, back to back championships, Black Sheep Racing technical knowledge, and world renowned tuner John Reed, Jaw’s is ready to sink its teeth into the competition. Best of luck Jeff!

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