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2011 Mustang 5.0 Stoptech Brake Install

October 5th, 2010

Check out our new project Mustang. We are planning on doing some minor modifications (to start) which include bigger brakes, sway bar, coilovers, exhaust, and wheel/tires package. Here is a few shots of the brake install.

For this we choose to go with Stoptech brakes. We use Stoptech for many of our project and customer cars, and they have provided great quality and performance.

The first thing we noticed is that the stock wheels would not clear the larger brakes. To fix this issue, we installed 5mm spacers, which helped the wheels clear the calipers.

Once the brakes were installed, we opted to use a BMR rear sway bar relocation kit to allow us to run 15” rims with drag radials. This kit flips the sway bar to the front for clearance. The factory sway still didn’t fit even with this, so we ended up using a smaller BMR sway bar for the additional clearance we needed.

Wheels, tires, and suspension coming soon, stay tuned.

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