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Copper Supra To Be Rebuilt –Better Than Ever!

June 27th, 2011

The Titan Motorsports Copper Supra wasn’t in Japan, but it is from Japan, and it too was involved in an unavoidable disaster back in March (click for video). Now, it too has begun the rebuilding process.

As with many things that break, we have now been presented with the perfect opportunity to update and upgrade. The Copper Supra (not always copper) has been racing hard since the early 2000’s and has gone under the knife many times. Each time it has come back stronger and faster than before. This time will be no different.

With updates and revisions including larger turbo and manifold, new roll cage, as well as upgraded suspension components, the once record-holder is eager to get back on the track and once again strut its stuff. Be on the lookout for more news and updates on the Copper Supra as it prepares for NSCRA in December.

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