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StopTech Sport Kits Simplify Brake Upgrades

August 3rd, 2011

StopTech Sport Kits are available for a number of automotive applications and include direct replacement OE diameter rotors at all four corners, performance brake pads (front & rear) and stainless steel brake lines all around.

Available in slotted, drilled, and slotted+drilled varieties, StopTech rotors offer an eye-catching look and provide significant performance gains, especially under repeated, higher thermal loads. Stainless steel lines provide immediate response to brake pedal input and give better feedback. Performance brake pads offer improved stopping power in all conditions with less dust than other pads.

These Sport Kits are a great option for daily driven vehicles that see occasional track or autocross days, or anyone looking to upgrade their factory braking system. Don’t replace those warped rotors and shot pads, upgrade to StopTech.

Give Titan Motorsports a call for your application and pricing.

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