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Going Green Continued: Titan now utilizing cross-drilled fonts!

January 6th, 2009

We’re not just about making power, using that power wisely is equally important. Even with a fairly small office and staff, we use our fair share of supplies to keep track of orders while making sure they are processed quickly and efficiently. That means paper-work, and lots of it! With the price of basic office supplies like paper and ink growing, anything you can do to help stretch those supplies farther is key to saving money. Recently there have been a few new offerings to help business save money on printing. One of them is “ecoFont” from Spranq, a Dutch agency that helps its clients realize their advertising and creative projects from start to finish. Spranq created the “ecoFont” to help increase environmental awareness while also helping save on ink and toner costs.

How does it work? Tiny holes take up space normaly used by ink inside each letter, these blank spots reduce the amount of ink required for printing. Even though the amount saved per-letter is small, Spranq claims you can save up to 20% on printing. The “ecoFont” went thru several variations while trying to find the perfect ratio of hole-to-letter. The end result is that you have clear and easy to read text that not only helps the bottom-line, but also helps the environment. We have already adopted the font for all of our regular printing here at Titan and encourage others to do the same.

Along with using the FREE ecoFont, Spranq has some other tips to help cut costs and reduce your “carbon-footprint” :

• Only print when necessary and use a modern, energy-efficent printer
• Use unbleached paper
• Use modern color separation techniques when printing graphics and logo’s to help avoid wasting ink
• Try to batch your printing together to save energy wasted by “warming up” the printer
• If your printer doesn’t have a “sleep” mode, turn it off when not in use

You can learn more about how ecoFont can save you some green, and download a free copy at


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