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Event Coverage : V2Lab Mystery Meat 2

April 15th, 2013 Comments off

This weekend V2Lab hosted it’s second Mystery Meat in downtown Orlando. Last years impromptu event brought chaos to downtown, this year the event had the cities blessing and was much more organized as a result. This event isn’t a car show, but rather a gathering of like minded enthusiast to hang out, show off their cars and enjoy the great Florida weather. As a result the scope of vehicles in attendance varies from Donks, VW, Honda, Exotics, Ruckus, bikes, all with modification from mild to wild. It was a great event, a big thanks to Ravi and the V2Lab crew for putting it together, we are already looking forward to next years event.

Titan Motorsports Invades Houston,TX for TX2K12

March 27th, 2012 Comments off

This past weekend our team loaded up our newly refreshed Copper super and headed to Texas for TX2K12. We’ve attended this meet since it’s inception and this year had the largest spectator attendance of any prior years. With a great showing of Supra’s, 2JZ swapped vehicles and a large amount of GTR’s in attendance this event has evolved from being a yearly Supra meet to a tuner and super car shootout. In addition the large number of Supra’s and GTR’s the Lamborghini Gallardo TT contingent was there with a strong presence. The dyno day crew did the unbelievable and managed to dyno over 80 cars on 2 dynos over the course of a day, with many breaking the 1,000hp barrier.

Drag Racing was held on Saturday and Sunday, with many records broken including the GTR drag racing record with an 8.63. The Titan Copper Supra seemed to be the talk of the drag days and with testing commencing it showed great promise. The whole community watched as Team Titan worked aggressively at making sure the car was able to make runs and continued to improve the new combination. When the first full 1/4 mile pass was made it yielded a 7.59 @ 186 with the doors literally flying off. While the crew worked to repair and service the car between rounds, a pair of replacement doors was borrowed from fellow competitor Ross Baird so the car would attempt another run. We want to thank Ross for his great sportsmanship and hope to return the favor in another fashion in the future! This year was a great event as the pictures below show, and we look forward to seeing even more people out at TX2K13 next year!

Titan Motorsports Open House 2012 – March 10th

February 8th, 2012 Comments off

Our annual open house will take place this year March 10th, please see the flyer for details and spread the word. Last year we had a great turnout, this year we’re expecting an even bigger one with new events such as a bikini contest, bigger purses, and the same great cause with proceeds benefiting Just In Queso Foundation. Email with any questions or sponsorship opportunities.

Titan Motorsports displays at the Performance Racing Industry Show in Orlando,FL

December 7th, 2011 Comments off

The 24th annual Performance Racing Industry show took place this past weekend, and Titan Motorsports was proud to be a displaying vendor amongst thousands of attendees in our hometown of Orlando, Florida. This industry only show takes place at the Orlando convention center and is attended by over 40,000 buyers from around the world. The show features suppliers and parts for all forms of motorsports from Nascar to monster truck racing to offshore marine. There is also a section of the show devoted entirely to fabrication and machine shops showing off the latest in CNCs and machinery to help make going fast easier. This was our first year displaying at the show, and we received a warm response from attendees and vendors attending the show. In addition to our Titan Gallardo Twin Turbo displayed in our booth, we also had our Camouflage Porsche 996tt, Scion TC Outlaw drag car, and George Bonafede’s Nissan GTR on displayed throughout the convention.

We would like to thank Bosch, Brembo, Carbonetic, Cometic, Eagle, Fidanza, Haltech, Hypertune, Injector Dynamics, and Supertech, our great partners whose support helped make our booth possible.

Clear Bra & Nice Tints

September 8th, 2010 Comments off

For most enthusiasts, when parts break, it sucks, but at least you now have the chance to upgrade to something better. On the flip side, if your paint gets chipped, or your interior dashboard fades, you pretty much pay the same money for the same part, with no gains. Titan is helping to protect our vehicles by offering a premium clear bra and tinting service to help block out that Florida heat, and protect your paint and interior.

Check out some of the recent work done on this GTR.

Final product: Looking clean, blocking (pebbles and UV rays) like a champ.

Ferrari F430 Arrives For Some Supercharging

December 30th, 2009 Comments off

What better way to bring in the New Year then to add not one but two superchargers to your ride. That is exactly what we have planned for this stunning Ferrari F430 you see pictured here.

Novitec is once again flying in their Ferrari specialists to Titan Headquarters to complete the supercharger install. We have had great success working with the people of Novitec. Their workmanship is top notch, and their component quality is second to none. We are proud to be able to facilitate another Ferrari build here at Titan Motorsports. Stay tuned, the build starts Monday.

Looking to get a Novitec Supercharger System for your Ferrari? Give us a call. Our world class tuning facility enables us to continue to support the exotic car community. Give us a call, we’ll get you what you need.

New Location Update 4

June 25th, 2009 Comments off

Finishing work is still being completed at our new location on Boggy Creek and we’re getting very close to the move. A bit more red tape to cut through with the city and a bit more finishing and we should be ready to move into this state of the art facility.

The tiles and insulation are being installed in the ceilings, making the call center pretty much ready for move-in.

The sun rises towards the entry windows to the building so we added some much needed tint to reduce glare and keep the temperatures cool. The window on the left is tinted, the right is not, you can the see the difference quite easily. Flying Window tinters handled the install and did a fabulous job as they do on our personal vehicles as well.

With 6 loading docks in the rear of the building, our sending and receiving areas will be less cluttered. allow for easier transitions into the awaiting logistic companies trucks for delivery.

We’ve begun testing product spacing to allow for an easier move. It’s amazing how quickly the space fills up with larger products, fortunately we’ve got plenty of shelves to fill.

Titan Motorsports New Location Update 2

May 14th, 2009 1 comment

Took a few moments to head to the shop today and spec a few more last minute details. There was quite a bit of progress overall and things are looking to be on track.

This picture was taken from the second floor where we have a double door access allowing heavy equipment and furniture to be easily moved using a forklift. This access will be locked from the outside to prevent anyone from falling from the sky (although I would love to put a BLOB in like the Fantasy Factory, but don’t think management would approve).

We recently got the warehouse side of the floors coated, I spent quite a bit of time making sure the best products where used to ensure that these floors would last. The contractor we hired came out and shot-peened the entire floor, before applying a wet epoxy coat that was later followed up by a polyurethane floor. If you look at the picture above you can see the raw concrete to the left, the raw concrete after being shot-peened, and finally the right is the finished flooring. The shop side will be coated next week after the pallet racking and warehouse shelves are setup and the floor on that side can be cleared.

Now that the floor has a fresh coating to protect the concrete, our shelving systems have begun being installed. The warehouse side will feature both shelving as pictured, and pallet racking for larger shipments, secured behind a safety fence. With more warehouse space we will now be able to expand our current product lines stocked and inventory levels to help better serve our customers.

As a result of ADA guidelines, we had to add an elevator for 2nd floor access for those with disabilities that would prevent them from using the stairs.

Our second floor is where our support staff and book keeping will be located, at this point only the floor and ceiling tiles remain for completion.

Air Shipment arrives at Titan for upcoming project….

March 26th, 2009 Comments off

Today we received a much anticipated air shipment arrived at Titan. We’re quite used to seeing parts shipped truck freight, but when you see a pallet come through the door marked air, you know you’re dealing with a serious individual. Were anxiously to check out the contents which are for a project being done in the shop next week, can you say Supercharged horsie?

Fire in our backyard

February 9th, 2009 1 comment

There’s always some exciting things going on around our office here in Orlando, but today it was mother nature providing the excitement. Brett was working on our Scion chassis cars and noticed a big of smoke from behind the building. After further investigation our neighboring building had a nice fire going that no one seemed to noticed. We made a call to 9-1-1, and Orange County Fire Rescue was quick to the scene to extinguish the blaze out before it got a chance to spread to the neighboring buildings.