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Lamborghini Gallardo receives full makeover by Titan Motorsports

July 30th, 2013 Comments off

Ralph is no stranger to custom cars, we’ve previously supercharged his Aston Martin and you may recall seeing his wild Prowler in a past blog post. For his latest custom he wanted something a bit more exotic, and after a successful day of bidding at the Meccum auction we found ourselves with a Gallardo delivered to our front door. The car was original a deep blue with grey interior and in great shape, the perfect candidate for a tear down buildup custom tailored to the customers specifications.
The car would be inspired by the Gallardo lightweight version the Superleggera, while giving the car a wilder interior and exterior for that wow factor to make it strand out from your “standard” Lamborghini Gallardo.

The exterior was treated to a metallic grey paintjob, complete with a Candy Apple red stripe down the sides. The Superleggera inspiration is followed with the addition of a carbon glass top decklid and SL wing, as well as carbon side skirts. The calipers also received a coat of candy apple red paint to make them standout behind the black Finnspeed SL style forged wheels. The interior was also completely redone, with contrasting black and red quilted stitch napa leather covering every panel. Panels that didn’t receive the leather touch were instead treated to real carbon fiber, keeping with the SL and carbon fiber theme of the build.

Many have followed our Lamborghini work as a result of our custom twin turbo kits which can be seen terrorizing streets around the world. Not everyone is looking for 4 digit horsepower however, and in this case Ralph wanted to take advantage of the cars naturally aspirated V10 but still wanted more power. We developed a Titan Motorsports exhaust with high flow cats to allow the engine to breath easier and give the car an exotic, slightly obnoxious loud tone to match the wild exterior. This exhaust was combined with a carbon fiber high flow air box and custom Titan Motorsports tuning of both the ECU and transmission computer to compensate for the increases in airflow. The engine bay was further enhanced with carbon fiber engine panels and matching candy apple red valve covers and intakes, sure to wow show attendees at the many concourse events Ralph frequents. Expect to see this car taking home many best of show awards in its hometown in Southwest Florida, we look forward to having it on display at Festivals of Speed this fall when they make their way to Orlando.

Titan Motorsports Copper Demo GTR Receives Interior Upgrade

July 9th, 2013 Comments off

One of the largest complaints about the Nissan GTR from magazines and other reviewers was that the interior was far too bland. The exterior of the car and raw performance put it in the same arena as many vehicles that cost 2-3 times it’s price tag, however once you’re in the car the difference in price becomes much more apparent once you stepped into the interior. Having already completed a number of full leather upgrades in customers cars we knew we had to raise the bar a bit for our in progress demo GTR, and boy have we ever. We chose a high quality black napa leather for the material for this build as its soft smooth finish and a bright sunburst stitching that matched closely to our Titan Copper exterior. Drawing inspiration from modern hyper cars we decided to branch out from the standard diamond stitching that is becoming common place these days and worked to incorporate a swooping diamond pattern that straightens out as the panels get taller on both the front and rear seats. The headliner was recovered in Alcantara with tasteful panel work stitched in to give it some much needed dimension. We weren’t done there, in addition to the seats we also re-vamped the dash panels in the same napa and orange treatment. Our Titan Motorsports bolt in roll bar was custom painted copper as well to round out this interior.

We can handle any interior upholstery job big or small here at Titan Motorsports. While we are physically located located in Orlando, thanks to our daily international shipments, our work can be seen all over the world in various vehicles. Due to the number of available material,stitching and pattern options interiors are quoted on an individual vehicle basis, so call or email to receive a quotation.

Titan Motorsports displays at Festivals of Speed Orlando

October 26th, 2009 Comments off

This weekend we had the pleasure of checking out the Festivals of Speed here in Orlando . This annual car show takes place at the Ritz Carlton Orlando and features some of the finest cars in the country, many of which would never be seen if it weren’t for such a great show. This event has become a showcase for the finest luxuries in life, and features displays from some of the most well respected brands in the world including Bugatti, Rolls Royce, Panerai, and Lamborghini. The event encompasses the entire weekend and starts with a kickoff party in a private jetport featuring aircrafts, boats, cars, and many premium brand displaying and sampling their products. We’ve always enjoyed attending as spectators, however this year we were provided the privilege of not just attending, but displaying some of our great automotive creations as well. We brought a wide variety of cars to showcase the diversity of services we are able to provide here at Titan Motorsports.

The cars in our booth included : James Stewart Sr. Completely Custom 66 Chevrolet Chevelle, Green 997 Porsche GT3RS, Titan Motorsports Yellow 996tt, Titan Motorsports Camouflage 996tt race car, Matte Black Renntech CLK Black Series, BMW Z4M Coupe and Dr. Nicks TRD Widebody Supra.

I would like to take a moment to personally thank our great clients who put their cars on display, as well as Leslie for making sure the booth looked great at all times. We’re looking forward to displaying at many future shows both locally and across the state, and can’t wait for the next Festivals of Speed here in Orlando.