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Titan Motorsports becomes Central Floridas EcuTek Master Tuner

October 14th, 2014 Comments off

Titan Motorsports is pleased to announce we are now an ECUTEK Master Tuner. Our in house tuner John Estrada will be offering tuning of the ECUTEK tuning platform bot in house, as well as remote tuning options for those not local to our location in Orlando, FL. Titan Motorsports will be supporting all ECU’s supported by the EcuTek platform listed below, including but not limited to the very popular Nissan GTR and Subaru BRZ/ Scion FRS. We can accomidate nearly any vehicle at our headquarters in Orlando as our Dynojet 424 LC2 is currently the only Linked Dynojet in Central Florida.

Current ECUTEK Supported platforms:

Nissan GTR R35 vehicles.
(Programming of the Transmission Control Module is also supported)

Subaru BRZ

Toyota FT-86

Scion FR-S

Subaru DIT 2013 onward including Legacy, Forester XT and WRX models
Subaru 2004 onward turbocharged petrol vehicles with Electronic Throttle Control (ETC)
Subaru 2007 onward Subaru flat-four diesel vehicles
Mitsubishi 2008 onward EVO X vehicles
Mazda 2005 onward MX5/Miata
Mazda 2005 onward 3MPS, 6MPS, CX-7, 8MPV,
MazdaSpeed vehicles with the MZR 2.3 liter turbocharged engine
Mazda Diesel Vehicles

Why Reprogram the Original ECU using ECUTEK?

Reprogramming the original ECU is by far the cleanest, safest and quickest way of correctly compensating for engine, induction and exhaust modifications. The maps in the standard ECU may be adjusted to cater for virtually any modifications that are likely to be made to a car. Civilized features such as cold start and stable idle are all retained, whilst performance mapping begins from the (already extremely good) standard manufacturer map rather than from a blank sheet of paper.

Risky boost clamps, bleed valves, boost controllers and piggy back modules may all be discarded and replaced by a pure and accurate mapping adjustment.
The safety features of the ECU are retained, such as sensor checks, fuel cut, boost cut, rev limit, speed limit and ‘limp home’ mode, though they may be altered to suit the car and its modifications. E.g. if the ECU detects a problem (engine over-temperature or failed sensor), it is still in full control of boost pressure and is able to take evasive action to preserve the engine. This is in stark contrast to external controllers and piggy back modules that either take over control of engine functions, or fool the ECU about the state of its sensors.

Christmas comes Early for Titan, DynoJet 424xLC2 AWD Dyno Arrives

December 28th, 2009 Comments off

Christmas arrived a a day early for us at Titan Motorsports, as Thursday marked the delivery of our new Dynojet 424xLC2 dyno. A semi truck and skilled crane crew made sure the transfer of this massive piece of equipement to our facility went smoothly. This state of the art All Wheel Drive dyno will be located outdoors in the rear of our new facility, allowing for better airflow and ventilation, as well as easy viewing for dyno days and meets. This new piece of equipment will allow us to further serve our Evo, Subaru, GTR, Porsche and other AWD vehicles in evaluating their performance upgrades, and providing expect tuning for their vehicles.

The 424xLC2 features dual 224 rollers along with an adjustable wheelbase system, allowing the dyno to be configured for nearly any vehicle. This unit is capable of measuring 2,000+ hp and speeds up to 200mph and can handle both 2WD and AWD vehicles. This particular unit is also equipped with dual Eddy current absorbers, allowing load control for those tuners requesting it.

We’re hoping to have the dyno up and running by the first week in January and will begin accepting tuning appointments at that time as well.