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Eibach Pro Plus Gives 2010 Camaro SS A 13% Mileage Increase

January 25th, 2010 Comments off

In stock condition, the 2010 Camaro SS recorded 23.34 miles per gallon. With the Eibach Pro-Plus installed, mileage shot up to an impressive 26.40 mpg a full 13% improvement. The Pro-Plus kit is comprised of the Eibach Pro-Kit and the Eibach Anti-Roll-Kit.

Why such a huge difference in efficiency, just from lowering the chassis? Because lowering the Camaro SS an inch significantly reduces its aerodynamic frontal area, and minimizes drag-causing turbulence between the road and the car.

What does this mean for you, in dollars and cents? Over 100,000 miles—just 10% of Eibach’s legendary million-mile warranty—the Eibach-equipped Camaro SS would save 494 gallons of gas. At $3.00 a gallon, that’s a huge savings of $1,482.00.

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