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Southern California Shop Tour : GMG Racing

August 9th, 2010 Comments off

If you’re a sports car racing fan then chances are you’ve heard of GMG Racing and their ALMS Porsche Cup cars. In addition to their racing efforts, they also produce a great deal of parts for street cars looking to take the track. We’ve had great luck with their Roll bars and suspension components in our test car in the past, so when I was in the area I decided to stop by their shop and see it with my own eyes. I was greeted by Fabryce, the man in charge of this world class shop and he was nice enough to take a few moments to show me around. The second you walk into the shop you are overwhelmed. Porsche Cup cars, stacked 2 high in some areas, along with street Porsches, Audis, and Ferrari or two, you name it and it’s under one roof. They have all the equipment you’ll need to setup the ultimate street or race car from their 4WD dyno cell (which may look familiar if you’ve seen the LFA commercial on TV), A dialed alignment rack, fabrication center, and even a 3D printer for quick prototyping.

The main entry, interestingly enough GMG Racing just happens to be across the street from Porsche Motorsports NA headquarters, that’s one neighbor I wouldn’t mind having!

Team GMG’s GT3 Cup car, built and campaigned in the American LeMans series. Want a cup car of your own? You’re in luck, this one is for sale. Inquire within.

This gem was sitting in the back corner of the shop, most would have walked past it as just another cup car….however GT3Cups normally don’t have intercoolers. GMG is building something most have only dreamed of, a GT2 turbo engine powered GT3 Cup car. I’m anxious to see this complete and must admit that I don’t think many cars will be able to compete with this monster in the time attack and time trials it’s being designed and built for.

GMG produced a great Roll bar / harness bar kit for the 996/997, we’ve got one in our Camo car and must admit it was a super easy install that looked and performed better than even the factory Porsche Techquipment bar. Definately a must if you’re got a 996tt / 997tt / GT3 or GT3RS that your interested in taking to the track, and fortunately these are available in a variety of colors for sale and install through Titan.

GMG has also started working with Japanese cars through one of their sister companies, and this GTR turbo kit is one of their first offerings. This cast inconel manifold features v-band turbochargers available in various sizes designed for specific purposes. It will be offered as a complete kit in the near future once testing is complete, and we look forward to installing quite a few of these for Florida GTR owners looking to increase the power of their own Godzillas.

GMG recently released their own forged lightweight wheels for track and street. New GT3 owners need not worry, they also introduced a single-nut version for those of you who are fortunately enough to have this option from the factory. Titan Motorsports can also get these fine wheels for you and can match them with your choice of tires for track or street.

I want to thank Fabryce for taking the time to show me around, GMG is truly one of the shops in this country that others can use as a benchmark. We’re proud to have them as a technology and resource partner and look forward to growing this relationship in the future. If you’re in the west be sure to check out the Global Tuner Grand Prix at Laguna Seca they’re putting together October 22-24, this is one of the rare track days at Laguna with no sound restrictions. Details can be found at the GTGP website

Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona

January 26th, 2009 Comments off

This weekend I headed to Daytona International Speedway for the annual Rolex 24 hours race. This race features some of the world’s greatest racers, battling it out for 24 hours at Daytona’s famed race course. The race features 2 classes, Daytona Prototypes which are purpose build race cars for the series running under the DP designation, and the GT class which features cars build from factory chassis. The race starts off the Grand-Am series each year and pushes both the cars and their drivers to the limits.

This year marked a change in start time, normally the race starts and ends at 1PM, however this year the race began at 3:30PM. I left the house around 11:30AM and made quick time to the track, unfortunately I was not quick enough as the tunnels to get to the infields closed about 10 minutes before my arrival. The infields of the track become a giant campground and car show, so it’s always nice to park your vehicle in the mix of things. Not only does it prevent you from lugging your personal belongs around for the entire time (in this case a well packed camera bag and cooler full of adult beverages and ice), it also provides a bit of shelter from the elements. I stayed for about the first 10 hours before heading home to enjoy the finish on SpeedTV.

After a grouping 24 hours, the 58 car of Brumos Porsche took the overall win by a few mere seconds over the Chip Ganassi fielded car. The GT Field was won by our good friends over at TRG Racing who also claimed the second place finish as well. It was one of the closest Rolex finishes in history and real nail biter from start to finish (.167 seconds was the different between first and second). I hope they continue the 3:30 start time next year, although if they decide to I will be sure to get there early enough to setup camp on the infield, and stay from start to finish.

This weekend marked the first time I’ve really got to experiment with our 5D camera as well, I’m trying to get a bit more artistic with the shots rather than just using the point and click shooting. I’m getting a bit better with it but still managed to come up with a few good shots, pay particular attention to the J Lowe racing red Porsche Cup car, I just happened to be in the garage area as it drove be on fire and got some quick snaps of the car being extinguished.