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Project 996TT Goes on an Initial Diet

September 17th, 2008

Next on the list was to get rid of some dead weight. We pulled the car into the shop and put our trusty Accuset scales to work. We made sure the car had a full tank of gas after our roadtrip, making sure we had consistent fuel weights included for future sessions.

We carefully place the scales under the lift and lowered the car down to get a base weight.

Total : 3,476lbs LF 679 / RF 653 / LR 1071 / RR 1073

We popped the hood and removed the spare tire and existing tools, as they likely won’t fit our future BBK and we have some HRE’s on the way.

Total : 3,437 LF 649 / RF 633 / LR 1081 / RR 1074
A 39lb drop in weight off the front of the car.

Next up we grabbed a few wrenches and removed the disc changer, rear seat, and floormats.

The end result was a total weight loss of 74lbs. Not bad for less than a half hours work and no money spent.

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