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McLaren 650S iPE Exhaust Installation at Titan Motorsports

February 24th, 2015 Comments off

This Tarocco Orange McLaren 650S Spider dropped in for installion of a beautilful iPE Exhaust system. Once installation was complete we treated the car to a few runs on our Dynojet 424 LC2 to help baseline for a future tuning session by EvoMS.

Titan Motorsports built Ruby Red MKIV Toyota Supra

February 6th, 2015 Comments off

This Ruby Red MKIV Supra came to us all the way from the beautiful Florida Keys. What started as a small laundry list of problems to troubleshoot minor issues and quirks from old age, quickly blossomed into the complete street supra refresh you see here.

The vehicle will primarily be used as a streetcar. The engine and turbo were setup with this in mind. We coupled one of our 3.5L Stroker shortblocks, a Stage 3 Head with Ferrea Valvetrain and TMS 272 cams. A Precision 67-66 turbo provided reliable horsepower with quick spool to combat day to day traffic, while maximizing the power band during spirited driving.

The car arrived with a maroon paintjob that was done sometime early in the cars life. We stripped the car down to it’s bare shell and had the car re-sprayed in a custom mixed Ruby Pearl designed to pay homage to the original vehicle color. This gave it a nice bespoke touch. With the exterior complete, the interior got a fresh set of reclinable bucket seats refinished in custom black napa leather with red stitching to match the exterior. The rest of the interior was wrapped in the same black napa leather and a dead stock TRD wheel was located and installed.

This being a full streetcar the suspension and brakes were also addressed with the addition of color matching StopTech Big Brake Kit front and rears, as well as a set of KW V3 Coilovers. A set of 19” Forgeline RB3C in a combination of Satin and Gloss bronze wrapped in Michelin Pilot Supersports makes the most out of the suspension, brake and power upgrades by firmly keeping the car planted to the road.

Supra featuring TMS built auto trans runs 189mph Standing Mile pass in Finland

July 10th, 2014 Comments off

This past weekend a good customer of Titan Motorsports Jukka took his Titan upgraded Auto trans equipped Supra the the 2014 Speed party in Finland. This years event was held at Finland South Carelia, a runway event similar to those gaining popularity here in the states. Jukka managed a best run of 189.4 mph over the distance of 1 mile (304.8 km/h@1609 m) utilizing at TMS built transmission and TMS torque converter with 3500 stall. This particular auto trans has been installed and running since 2011 making several 800whp pulls on the dyno, countless hours of street driving and occasional full mile passes. This year he wasn’t able to get the most out of the car due to a ignition malfunction but we are sure he will be out soon and ready to better his already stellar time.

Congrats Jukka on the pass!

Sakhir Orange M5 fresh from the dealer gets upgraded at Titan.

April 4th, 2014 Comments off

We love when customers bring us cars right off the dealership lot, and this Sakhir Orange M5 is no exception. Rocking a paper license plate this car received a complete upgrade including a Full Polished set of COR Performance Wheels, Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust, H&R Lowering Springs, and a hardwired Passport Max radar detector to keep the law at bay. As we continue to develop our own Fire Orange M5 you can bet that this Sakhir Orange edition won’t be following far behind with future upgrades.

Battleship Grey Gallardo gets upgraded by Titan Motorsports.

August 15th, 2013 Comments off

Chris is no stranger to exotics, having owned a number of unique sport cars and even other Lamborghinis before his current purchase, this Sinister Gunmetal Gallardo. The car was delivered straight to our shop in great shape, already wearing a set of ADV1 wheels, it needed only minor maintenance and a check over. It didn’t take long for the customization bug to bite, and a list of upgrades were laid out to make this Gallardo a real head turner. The calipers were treated to a coat of super bright Chartreuse Neon before the Lamborghini logos got stenciled in black. The bright color makes the calipers stand out behind the battleship gray ADV1 Wheels and really give the car an aggressive look. With the exterior upgrades complete the car needed a bit more power and sound to match its loud persona on the outside. Not quite ready for one of our twin turbo kits, we opted for our Stage1 NA upgrade. The kit includes a custom exhaust manufactured in house here at Titan with a straight flow design and high flow cats, upgraded filters enclosed in a carbon fiber air box, and a custom ECU and E-Gear tune designed to not only increase power, but let the V10 sound be heard loud and clear for curious onlookers. I’m sure this won’t be the last we see of this beautiful Gallardo, as the next round of modifications area already in the works, but for now Chris wants to enjoy it in its current form.

Alberts Gunmetal GTR on Vossen wheels gets a Titan Power Upgrade

August 1st, 2013 Comments off

Albert brought his beautiful 2009 Gunmetal GTR in for basic upgrades in hopes of a bit more reliable horsepower. The car arrived rolling on a set of Vossen VVS CV3 in 22″ fitment giving,a fitment we don’t see very often here at Titan but the bulky lines of the GTR helped give it a nice stance. For this car we opted for the new and improved Speed By Design exhaust which features a new revised muffler design to limit drone and carbon fiber exhaust tips. Speed By Design downpipes, mid pipes and intakes were also installed to allow the engine to process air more efficiently. A Cobb Accessport with Titan Motorsports tuning allows the engine to put this additional airflow to use, giving the car a nice increase in power in excess of 70-80hp. If you’ve got a GTR and are looking for an increase in power, we’ve got you covered at Titan Motorsports, from basic bolt ons to full blown race builds.

Lamborghini Gallardo receives full makeover by Titan Motorsports

July 30th, 2013 Comments off

Ralph is no stranger to custom cars, we’ve previously supercharged his Aston Martin and you may recall seeing his wild Prowler in a past blog post. For his latest custom he wanted something a bit more exotic, and after a successful day of bidding at the Meccum auction we found ourselves with a Gallardo delivered to our front door. The car was original a deep blue with grey interior and in great shape, the perfect candidate for a tear down buildup custom tailored to the customers specifications.
The car would be inspired by the Gallardo lightweight version the Superleggera, while giving the car a wilder interior and exterior for that wow factor to make it strand out from your “standard” Lamborghini Gallardo.

The exterior was treated to a metallic grey paintjob, complete with a Candy Apple red stripe down the sides. The Superleggera inspiration is followed with the addition of a carbon glass top decklid and SL wing, as well as carbon side skirts. The calipers also received a coat of candy apple red paint to make them standout behind the black Finnspeed SL style forged wheels. The interior was also completely redone, with contrasting black and red quilted stitch napa leather covering every panel. Panels that didn’t receive the leather touch were instead treated to real carbon fiber, keeping with the SL and carbon fiber theme of the build.

Many have followed our Lamborghini work as a result of our custom twin turbo kits which can be seen terrorizing streets around the world. Not everyone is looking for 4 digit horsepower however, and in this case Ralph wanted to take advantage of the cars naturally aspirated V10 but still wanted more power. We developed a Titan Motorsports exhaust with high flow cats to allow the engine to breath easier and give the car an exotic, slightly obnoxious loud tone to match the wild exterior. This exhaust was combined with a carbon fiber high flow air box and custom Titan Motorsports tuning of both the ECU and transmission computer to compensate for the increases in airflow. The engine bay was further enhanced with carbon fiber engine panels and matching candy apple red valve covers and intakes, sure to wow show attendees at the many concourse events Ralph frequents. Expect to see this car taking home many best of show awards in its hometown in Southwest Florida, we look forward to having it on display at Festivals of Speed this fall when they make their way to Orlando.

Ferrari 458 receives Akrapovic Full Exhaust Install and Vorsteiner Lip

July 24th, 2013 Comments off

Our good friend Jim pulled up to the shop a few weeks back in his new Ferrari 458, he’s not your typical Ferrari owner however who lets the car sit and collect dust in an air conditioned garage. Jim makes sure all of his cars get used properly and takes great pride in modifying them to put his own personal touch on them. The car arrived already sporting plenty of carbon Oakley Design parts, but was lacking a front lip. We installed the Vorsteiner carbon fiber lower lip which features a center vent that really sets off the 458 from the front. The part fit great right out of the box and required little modification to bolt on. An Akrapovic full Titanium exhaust with carbon fiber tips was chosen to give the already menacing looking car an entoxicating tone and help the engine breath easy. Evolution Motorsports provided us with an ECU re flash to help make sure the car made use of all the extra exhaust flow provided by the Akrapovic exhaust. The car was also lowered on HRE P45S wheels treated to a one of a kind brush tinted bronze finish. It’s truly a unique looking finish in person and goes quite well with the jet black exterior. I’m sure we’ll be seeing this car again, if the extra dirt in the photos shows anything, it’s that Jim will be sure to enjoy this unique 458 and we’ll be seeing plenty of it around town!

Titan Motorsports Drive/Tuned Supra Update : 3.5L Stroker Installed

May 7th, 2013 Comments off

Over 600,000 people have seen the Supra we build featured on YouTube Drive Networks (Link). Since the car was featured the owner chose to do some further updates to the car including the installation of a new built engine to replace the factory 3.0L 2JZ. We have just recently completed our 3.5L Stroker kit and found this balanced street car the perfect home to install such a powerplant. The 62mm turbocharger was a bit small for the 3.5L displacement but was left on the car for a back to back comparison over the 3.0L. The dyno graph below was done with the same boost levels as the car previously had and just minor tuning to compensate for the added displacement. The horsepower increases were great, however the real impressive figures are the torque increase (652hp / 596tq!). Both of these graphs were produced using 93 Octane fuel, the result is one of the most fun all around street builds we’ve done in a while. A slightly larger turbo and higher octane fuel could provide an even deadlier combination with the displacement increase and would prove to be a great option for those using their 2JZs on the road course.

2013 Nissan GTR gets host of Upgrades before heading to South Africa

April 30th, 2013 Comments off

We’ve shipped cars and parts all around the world for over a decade, however occasionally we get a request that is a bit outside our normal radar. This particular GTR was one such case, arriving at our door with nothing but delivery miles on the odometer the owner was looking to upgrade his newly purchased GTR before it was exported to his home country, of South Africa. He was quite happy with the GTR’s performance, but wanted it a bit sportier, and like most was not impressed with the factory interior options. We’re always up for a good challenge, and with a quick turnaround time we were able to delivery upon the owners wishes before handling the logistics of making sure the car arrived to South Africa in the same perfect condition it arrived.

he interior was completely dismantled and all panels wrapped with a high grade italian leather. The owner was happy wanted the interior to look factory just with finer materials. All panels including the rear factory plastics were carefully recovered in the same leather with gray stitching to provide contrast. The headliner was also upgraded with a Alcantara being the material of choice putting this GTR on the same level as its european competition.Anyone who opens the door and gets a quick smell of that fine italian leather knows this GTR interior is like no other.

The exhaust was upgraded to a Speed By Design mid pipe and catback exhaust section, however with strict laws in his home country the Titanium tips were swapped out for factory units to help the car fly under the radar. A Cobb access port tune helps make the most out of the exhaust upgrades and improve shifting with new shift algorithms installed as well.