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EK Kanoo Racing Supra built by Titan Motorsports becomes Worlds Quickest Import

March 28th, 2013 Comments off

March 28,2013 : The EK Kanoo Racing Supra driven by Gary White set the record for the Worlds Quickest Import at Bahrain International Circuit with a 6.237@227.77 MPH pass. The car is a 3/4 chassis built entirely in house by Titan Motorsports and featured a Titan built 2JZ powerplant which still featured OEM Block and Head castings. The Supra will continue to try to best this current feet while participating in the BDRC Championship currently in progress.

Ebrahim Kanoo – Street / IRS Supra – Runs New Personal Best 7.59 @ 185

October 24th, 2011 Comments off

Congratulations to Ebrahim Kanoo, today he set another personal best and a landmark pass in the Toyota Supra Drag community. His street supra which he has campaigned for almost a decade just went 7.59 @ 185.

Congratulations to Ebrahim Kanoo, Haider, Shane T, Titan Motorsports and all the people and sponsors involved.

Spark Tech Sequential 2JZ Pro Drag 6 Ignition

October 20th, 2011 Comments off

ADV.1 Supra Fitments

September 16th, 2011 Comments off

ADV.1 Wheels has really been coming on strong as of late, and have a ton of offerings, including the ADV10TS model you see pictured on the Supra. Available in “Track Spec” “Deep Concave” and “Standard” 3 piece designs, as well as the 1 piece “Monoblock” configurations, ADV.1 is sure to have a style that fits your needs or taste. All of ADV.1’s wheels are available through Titan Motorsports. For more info and pics, check out ADV1wheels for more info.

SATS Cosworth Supra at Round 5 of BDC

September 13th, 2011 Comments off

SATS Cosworth at Round 5 of the British Drift Championship from Ciaran Smith on Vimeo.

Here is the latest video report from the SATS Cosworth Drift Team sponsored by Titan Motorsports who were recently at round 5 of the Maxxis Tyres (UK) British Drift Championship. SATS Cosworth and the team have whipped up another great video for us to enjoy. With some up close drifting action, be sure to check it out!

Brembo’s Bigger Big Brakes for the Supra

September 1st, 2011 Comments off

Brembo has just announced that they are making a bigger GT brake kit for the 93-98 Toyota Supra. These new kits come in a 2-piece design with a 380x34mm front rotor and a 380x28mm rear rotor. Front calipers are 6 pistons while the rears are 4 pistons. These will be available in Black, Red, Silver, and Yellow, and are also available in Brembo’s GT-R Mono-Block version. These will be available by the end of September, so pre-order yours from Titan Motorsports today and avoid the rush.

Teaser : Titan Motorsports latest Drag Supra Build.

August 22nd, 2011 Comments off

We just finished this beautiful 3/4 chassis Supra drag car built for Ebrahim Kanoo of Bahrain. This car was built 100% in house and uses one of our 2JZ race engines and 10.5″ Tires similar to our Scion. We’ve just begun initial testing and have had great results so far, stay tuned for more as we turn the wick up on this impressive project.

SATS Cosworth Supra BDC Round 3

July 7th, 2011 Comments off

Horseless Carriage Sliding – SATS Cosworth at round 3 of the British Drift Championship from Ciaran Smith on Vimeo.

Team SATS Cosworth were at Teesside Autodrome on the weekend of 2/3 July for round 3 of the Maxxis Tyres British Drift Championship

Having suffered some engine issues at the previous round, the team worked hard over the course of the past few weeks to have the car ready for the event. Team Mechanic Simon Edwards told us,
“The engine was taken back out, checked, and we found a couple of things wrong. It was nothing major, just stuff that needed to be addressed. So while we were there, we took the time to rebuild and refresh it, and made sure that it was built to the same tolerances as the last engine.”

So with the car ready to go, Mark went out on his qualifying runs, and pulled off some awesome displays, staying within inches of the clipping points. However, he was marked down heavily for using the handbrake too much on the straight; something he didn’t know would be an issue until speaking to the judges afterwards. He qualified in 9th place.

The team put the result behind them, and got the car ready for competition the following day. His first opponent was to be Simon Perry in his Nissan Skyline.

In the first run, Mark was chasing, with Perry leading. Both drivers almost had their cars backwards exiting the first corner such was the angles they were pulling. At one point, Mark straightened slightly, as he had to brake to avoid a collision with Perry. However, this was the least of his worries.

With so much smoke emanating from Perry’s tyres, Mark lost sight of the track and clipped the tyre wall with the rear of the car, ripping off the bumper in the process. As a result, Perry scored 10-0.

Knowing that his chances at progressing to the next stage of the competition were slim, Mark went out anyway on his leading run, and put on a show for the crowds, driving possibly one of the best runs of the day, leaving his opponent Perry in the distance.

Afterwards, Mark told us,
“Qualifying wasn’t as we expected. 9th place just wasn’t what we were looking for. It seemed that even though we had fast, consistent runs, it wasn’t the lines that the judges wanted.”

On his drive against Perry, he said,
“We knew we had the worst draw in the top 16, up against Simon Perry. We went out and gave it everything we had on the first run, but just got it slightly wrong on the last corner, ran wide, and caught the tyre wall. It’s caused quite substantial damage to the back of the car. Even though we beat Simon on the second run, it wasn’t enough to beat his 10-0”.

With the work performed on the engine since the last round, Mark was full of praise for the car,
“Mechanically, the car was fantastic. The new Cosworth engine fitted to it ran really good. The car was brilliant all weekend, but it just wasn’t to be.”

So a disappointing result for the team, but you can be sure they will be back, and raring to go, and one of Mark’s old stomping grounds, Knockhill.

-Release and Media prepared by SATS Cosworth

Copper Supra To Be Rebuilt –Better Than Ever!

June 27th, 2011 Comments off

The Titan Motorsports Copper Supra wasn’t in Japan, but it is from Japan, and it too was involved in an unavoidable disaster back in March (click for video). Now, it too has begun the rebuilding process.

As with many things that break, we have now been presented with the perfect opportunity to update and upgrade. The Copper Supra (not always copper) has been racing hard since the early 2000’s and has gone under the knife many times. Each time it has come back stronger and faster than before. This time will be no different.

With updates and revisions including larger turbo and manifold, new roll cage, as well as upgraded suspension components, the once record-holder is eager to get back on the track and once again strut its stuff. Be on the lookout for more news and updates on the Copper Supra as it prepares for NSCRA in December.

JapShow Titan Supra at Santa Pod Raceway

June 21st, 2011 Comments off

One of our good customers Tony B from France made his way over to Santa Pod Raceway for last weekend’s JapShow.

For those of you not familiar, The Jap Drag Series is a 4 class, 5 round Drag Series for Japanese cars. Racers compete for the series trophies as well as the individual event wins.

Although the cars are the main attraction at JapShow, there are a few other reasons I could think of to attend.

Despite less than perfect track conditions, Tony and his Supra were able to put down a 9.70, good enough to claim top honors in Class X. Congrats Tony!