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Mark Your Calendars – Titan Motorsports Open House is March 8

January 22nd, 2014 Comments off

Mark your calendars, we’ll be hosting our fifth annual open house on March 8th from 10AM-4PM. We’ll be hosting a car show, vendor displays, a dyno shootout and the always popular bikini contest will also be making a return. Freed food will be catered by Tijuana Flats, and as in years past we’ll be donating a portion of proceeds to the Just in Queso Foundation.


Titan Motorsports Coverage of Festivals of Speed Orlando 2013

December 4th, 2013 Comments off

The Festivals of Speed show at the Ritz Carlton Orlando is one of those shows we look forward to displaying at every year. In addition to taking place in the courtyards of the beautiful Ritz Orlando, the show always brings out the states heavy hitters and cars that may only leave their garage a few times a year. One such vehicle that stole the show was the all carbon Pagani Huayra that Pagani Miami brought to the show. We saw this beautiful car at Sema, however the Festivals of Speed offered a much more in depth look into all the details that go into making this rolling work of art. This year our display included a Ferrari 458, Titan Motorsports M5, McLaren SLR, Titan built Lamborghini Gallardo, Titan customized Plymouth Prowler, and one of a kind Mclaren MP4-12C High Sport. We want to thank Mac Racing for bringing out their great collection of cars, many of which we’ve had the pleasure of working on in our shop, as well as Akropavic USA for displaying their beautiful 458 titanium exhaust.

The Mac Racing team won 3 Best of Show awards for their SLR,Prowler and Lamborghin, the later 2 had both received major updates over the last year in our shop. We’re already looking forward to next years show and have a few builds in the works for the next year to help bring home some additional hardware.

A Double Dose of Titan Motorsports demo Nissan GTRs

December 27th, 2012 Comments off

As experts in import and turbocharged performance we’ve often been asked our thoughts on the Nissan GTR platform as it so closely resembles a modern version of the Supra in terms of it’s tune-ability and fan fare among the performance community. We’ve been building and installing parts for these cars since they were released but felt it was finally time to purchase one for the shop to demo and further develop parts for the hardcore enthusiast. In true Titan fashion we decided not to purchase just one GTR, but rather 2. The two cars have already been extensively upgraded, one will remain a more street-able version that our customers can relate to, the second will be involved in an extreme full build.

First up is our Sales Manager Eric Kerwin’s 2010 Nissan GTR in Brilliant White Pearl. The car features the first set of HRE’s new C106S, a conical version of their new 6 spoke 106 wheel. The wheels were finished in a unique matte gold center and gloss gold lip to provide extra contrast against the brilliant pearl white paint. The factory run flats were removed in favor of Michelin Pilot SuperSport tires in 285/35/20 335/30/20 sizings, a tire upgrade we feel is one of the best bang for you buck upgrades available for the GTR currently. The car was lowered using KW’s sleeve coil over kit which allows the ride height to be adjusted while maintaing the factory electronic suspension controls. We also installed our popular Titan Motorsports Bolt in GTR roll bar to keep the car legal at the track.

With the suspension and wheels taken care of, some extra power was needed to help round out the car and make Eric’s daily commute a bit quicker. Speed By Design Intakes, Midpipe, Downpipe and Exhaust were installed on the car. We also added a set of Speed By Design upgraded fuel pumps and Injector Dynamics ID1000 injectors before tuning the car with a custom Titan Motorsports tune delivered through the Cobb Access Port. Eric’s car was designed around delivering basic performance upgrades that any GTR owner can have installed in a weeks time or less providing for significant improvements in all aspects of the vehicle without sacrificing the ability to be daily driven. Nero’s gray GTR current features a nearly mirror image of the upgrades to Eric’s car but will be undergoing the knife soon as it will get a fully built complete with our Titan Motorsports Stroker kit, upgraded turbos and fuel system in hopes of becoming king of the streets.

Ford GT Tuned by Shane T sets new Texas Mile Record at 257.7

March 26th, 2012 Comments off

This weekend proved to be a busy weekend for our tuner Shane T. In addition to remotely tuning the E.Kanoo Racing Supras to another winning race weekend in Bahrain, he was also in Texas at the Texas Mile working with this wild Ford GT. This particular Ford GT featured a custom twin turbo setup and set a new standing mile record of 257.7mph with a half mile speed over 200! This is an incredible feat, and it you take a look at the video below, you can see the run looked almost effortless. Shane T is responsible for tuning our drag race projects as well as every Twin Turbo Gallardo we’ve built to date using Motec’s world class engine management system and accessories.

Titan Motorsports Open House Video Coverage

March 13th, 2012 Comments off

Titan Car Show 2012 | Orlando, FL from Christian Torres on Vimeo.

We’re wrapping up quite a few cars for this weeks TX2K12 event in Houston,TX and as a result a bit behind in uploading our open house photo coverage. We’ll get our own pictures up in the next few days but in the meantime check out this great video of the event filmed & edited by Christian Torres.

Motec releases M84 Plug-In ECU kits for bikes.

February 13th, 2012 Comments off

MoTeC Systems USA is now offering dedicated Plug-In ECU Kits for bike engines based on MoTeC’s new M84 ECU. These convenient, cost effective solutions are fully programmable, direct replacements for factory ECUs on a number of popular models, giving customers adjustable control over fuel and ignition. The complete package includes the new M84 ECU*, an Adapter Box (with spare inputs/outputs), the necessary wiring and mounting hardware, plus additional model-specific modules or sensors that may be required.

Features include: progressive nitrous • boost control • shift control including gear change ignition cut • shift light • full staged injection • Lambda control.



• Fully enabled MoTeC M84 ECU*
– includes Advanced Functions, Wideband Lambda and Data Logging
• Adapter Box for stock wiring harness
• Wiring Harness (Adapter Box to ECU)
• UTC Adapter (USB to CAN)
• Bosch 4 Channel Ignitor
• LSU 4.9 Lambda Sensor
• Mounting hardware
• Base ECU Map

The Adapter Box also includes a 26 pin spare connector for the easy addition of extra sensors and outputs.

The complete kit retails for $3,995.00 for additional pricing or information please call or email us.

Sema Prank 2011 : Balloon Boy

November 8th, 2011 Comments off

The first week in November marks the start of the annual SEMA show in Las Vegas, and a weekend without the bosses here at Titan. We enjoy a casual office environment, and a week with no bosses typically leads to some fun pranks, with this year’s target would be Bottles office. Bottle typically refers to his office as “one big 7-eleven” so we decided to fulfill his dream and add the appropriate signage, and a few hundred balloons for good measure. Our original plan was to fill the office from floor to the ceiling with balloons, however after filling our first run of 500 balloons and tiring our fingers in the process, we decided half full would suffice. Bottle was quite surprised when he arrived at the office, he expected a prank, but not one this well thought out! He attempted to work on Monday in his newly remodeled office, however after battling the balloons for a few hours; an exacto knife led them to their demise.

Teaser : Titan Motorsports latest Drag Supra Build.

August 22nd, 2011 Comments off

We just finished this beautiful 3/4 chassis Supra drag car built for Ebrahim Kanoo of Bahrain. This car was built 100% in house and uses one of our 2JZ race engines and 10.5″ Tires similar to our Scion. We’ve just begun initial testing and have had great results so far, stay tuned for more as we turn the wick up on this impressive project.

Ferrari 355 Challenge hits the Dyno

May 4th, 2011 Comments off

Jeff Ippoliti brought his Ferrari 355 Challenge by the shop to have it tuned by Felix Medina on our Dynojet prior to the FCRA Race at Sebring. It’s by far one of the best sounding cars we’ve ever had on our dyno, make sure you have your speakers turned up for this one.

Titan Dyno Day

August 11th, 2010 Comments off

Photo by: Chris Fiore

Check out the pictures form Titan’s Dyno Day/Sale. The day was dedicated to getting our customers some baseline pulls on their cars at discounted rates. We also had tons of sales on popular items as well as excess inventory/clearance items. We were fortunate enough to have Chris Fiore at the event who took some great pictures of all the action. Check out Chris Fiore Photography for all the pics! Be on the lookout for more upcoming Dyno Days and Titan Sales.