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Titan Motorsports R35 GTR Billet Main Girdle

July 28th, 2016 Comments off

In starting with a clean slate for our VR38 engine program and developing our Titan Motorsports Billet VR38 block we came to the realization that many street cars would benefit from an upgraded lower billet main girdle. During our FEA analysis of the factory block our simulations revealed block distortion that could lead to main bearing failure and gasket failures.

A new lower girdle was designed using Computer Aided Design and analysis. The result is a product that strengthens key areas of the girdle while mating with the OEM casting, allowing the engine to withstand the abuse that the block endures while producing over 1,000hp more than the factory desired. This CAD engineered girdle is CNC manufactured from a solid block of 7075 aluminum alloy commonly found in the aerospace
industry. 7075 offers strength properties comparable to most steels while providing more corrosion resistance than some other aluminum alloys.

This billet girdle will require line boring to your engine builder’s specifications and will work with the factory 3.8L displacement or stroker applications. This design will be implemented in our upcoming VR38 billet block. Until then, anyone looking to build their own race prepped VR38 with premium parts can benefit from our experience while using the machine shop and engine builder of their choice.

Available Now : Titan Motorsports R35 GTR Billet Main Girdle

Titan Motorsports Visits the 2013 SEMA Show in Las Vegas

November 14th, 2013 Comments off

This years Sema Show in Las Vegas was the biggest in history, and after walking the show for days and not feeling like we’d seen everything, we’d have to agree. After a long weekend of racing the countless aisles of show floor took its toll on our aching feet even with the most comfortable of shoes on. This was the year of Tra Kyoto as Rocket Bunny and over fenders seemed to be on every other car in the show. We could count no less than 25 FRS sporting their kit, and probably half as many E92 M3s. Their recently completed Ferrari 458 was one of the most talked about cars prior to the show on social media and a trip by the Nitto booth showed the car lived up to the hype in person. The FRS continues to be one of the most tuned current releases and the show was littered with companies showing their latest wares for the car, from forced induction, wide bodies, air suspension and wheels. The popularity of exterior wraps continues to grow with a number of new colors displayed at the show including many variations of chrome foils and even animal prints ( although it was odd to see 40-50 cars wearing the same matte blue or red colors from last year). Drifting continues to grow in popularity and the show was used as a launchpad for a number of new deals and news about the series. Interest in the 2JZ in FormulaD has grown and the interest for a Titan Motorsports program continues to grow, we’ll see. Rotiform, Forgeline and HRE Wheels adorned the vast majority of the cars in the performance hall with new finishes and designs for 2014. The trend in the wheel world seems to be going towards directional designs, which may be the “new concave” for 2014 in the stance world. Fabrication and minimalism also seems to be on the rise, a trend we can agree with as builds relied less on body kits and bling to stand out and focused more on one off parts and attention to detail. The quality of cars and innovation at Sema continues to blow our minds, we can’t wait to see whats on display next year.

Ferrari 458 receives Akrapovic Full Exhaust Install and Vorsteiner Lip

July 24th, 2013 Comments off

Our good friend Jim pulled up to the shop a few weeks back in his new Ferrari 458, he’s not your typical Ferrari owner however who lets the car sit and collect dust in an air conditioned garage. Jim makes sure all of his cars get used properly and takes great pride in modifying them to put his own personal touch on them. The car arrived already sporting plenty of carbon Oakley Design parts, but was lacking a front lip. We installed the Vorsteiner carbon fiber lower lip which features a center vent that really sets off the 458 from the front. The part fit great right out of the box and required little modification to bolt on. An Akrapovic full Titanium exhaust with carbon fiber tips was chosen to give the already menacing looking car an entoxicating tone and help the engine breath easy. Evolution Motorsports provided us with an ECU re flash to help make sure the car made use of all the extra exhaust flow provided by the Akrapovic exhaust. The car was also lowered on HRE P45S wheels treated to a one of a kind brush tinted bronze finish. It’s truly a unique looking finish in person and goes quite well with the jet black exterior. I’m sure we’ll be seeing this car again, if the extra dirt in the photos shows anything, it’s that Jim will be sure to enjoy this unique 458 and we’ll be seeing plenty of it around town!

Event Coverage : Titan Motorsports attends Simply Clean 4

November 12th, 2012 Comments off

Titan Motorsports attended the Simply Clean 4 meet at Destination Daytona in Ormond Beach. This meet has grown over the years as it caters to a wide array of enthusiasts looking to meet other like individuals and bridge the gap between specific make shows and appreciate all uniquely modified vehicles. After outgrowing and having to deal with the closing of their previous facility Route 46 in Sanford, the show was looking for a new home to accommodate their growing following and found it at Destination Daytona in Ormond Beach. While this facility was much larger than the previous host, cars of all different genres packed every square inch of the venue proving that the success of the show may require an even large venue next year. At one point the local authorities had to to shut down the interstate exit leading to the show in an effort to control the influx of cars still looking to attend the show. From stanced Volkswagens,leather-es wrapped Saab Wagon,tuned exotics to slammed Honda Ruckuses the show had it all. There were plenty of clean cars and unique trends exhibited at the show, and while we may not agree or understand all of them, this show continues to be one we look forward to attending, until SC5 enjoy the coverage below.

Titan Motorsports releases Street and 6 Puck Performance Clutch Kits for the MKIII and MKIV Supra

May 8th, 2012 Comments off

For over a decade we’ve been developing parts to help drivers reliably increase the horsepower in their Toyota Supra.   To help make sure all that power gets put to the ground we’ve developed our own Titan Motorsports clutches kits for the MKIII and MKIV Supra.  Combining experience gained from our in house tuning department and data gathered from our drag race program, It has allowed us to develop a clutch that offers superior holding power with improved drivability. 
For the MKIV Supra, we currently have kits in 2 available configurations, a Street Clutch and a 6 Puck Sprung Aggressive Clutch.   The street clutch kit is designed for cars equipped with factory turbo chargers or smaller single turbochargers and will handle 485lb/tq.  It offers smooth engagement with a slightly more aggressive pedal pressure for consistent pedal feel.  The 6 Puck Sprung Disk clutch kit was designed for mid frame and larger turbochargers and is rated at 620lb/tq.  The 6 puck Sprung clutch design will offer better heat dissipation in high horsepower applications, with an more aggressive engagement than the street disc.   For the MKIII Supra a single offering of a 6 puck Sprung clutch rated at 500lb/tq  is available, which is also compatible with 1JZ engine combinations. Our Titan Motorsports clutch kits are compatible with the OEM Toyota dual mass flywheel, as well as many lightweight aluminum and chromoly aftermarket flywheels. We are expanding our clutch line in the coming months, with these being our first releases.
Titan Motorsports clutch kits include a clutch disc, alignment tool, pressure plate and all necessary replacement bearings.
MKIV (93-98 Supra Turbo) Sport Clutch Kit     
Part Number:  TMS SUP-DRV-701
Price:  $650.00
MKIII (87-89 Supra 7MGTE or 1JZ-GTE) 6 puck sprung Clutch Kit
Part Number   TMS SUP-DRV-700
Price:  $700.00    
MKIV (93-98 Supra Turbo) 6 Puck Clutch Kit
Part Number  TMS MK3-DRV-700
Price:  $749.00

Injen Releases Dual Short Ram Intake for Nissan R35 GTR

March 6th, 2012 Comments off

Injen has released their latest intake setup for the R35 GTR. The system comes with intakes, upper intercooler piping and couplers. No recalibration of the ecu is required, just bolt on and go for expected gains of up to 30hp / 25tq. The intakes feature Injens high flowing web Nano dry filters, which require no oiling. The intake is available in your choice of chrome or black chrome with red couples.

The system retails for $700.00 and can be found on our website at the link below.

Injen Nissan R35 GTR Dual Short Ram Intake System

Albins Nissan R35 GTR 1st to 6th Kit with Albins Gear Retaining System

March 1st, 2012 Comments off

Building on the phenomenal success of the Albins 1100 HP 1st gear upgrade for R35 GTR, the long awaited release of a matching 2nd to 6th gear set was recently rolled out. The Albins high-shockload gear “ground” tooth profile rather than the conventionally hobbed tooth delivers tooth profile perfection with zero noise. Robotic CMM scanned tooth profiles deliver perfect gear mesh with substantial increases in power holding capability. Recently tested by Ivey Technologies in the USA, and found to have less tranmission noise than the OEM transmission, the Albins 2-6th gear set is a must-have for highly tuned R35 GTRs with power nearing the 1100 HP mark. The Albins product can be found in cars such as Europe’s fastest R35 GTR, built by fellow Albins dealer Severn Valley Motorsport. Available at an industry leading price point, the Albins range of R35 GTR products all offer the significant advantages that come with Isotropic polishing and gear profile grinding.

Albins has also released its “Albins Gear Retention System” that eliminates the need for Factory or Upgraded Circlips to retain gears in the GR6 Transmission. The Albins system offers substantial benefits in location and rigidity of the gear/shaft interface at power levels approaching 1100hp as well as reducing costs invoved in purchasing upgraded circlips in an attempt to better retain gears.

1-6th Synchro Gear set (includes primary shaft and 1-6 gears)
Ratios –Std 3.36 (14:47) – 1.90 (21:40) – 1.32 (25:33) – 1.03 (30:31) – 0.83 (35:29) – 0.66 (44:29)

Retail : $10750.00

Available Now on our Website :

We’re Hiring : Titan Motorsports Looking to hire Welder / Fabricator

February 27th, 2012 Comments off

Titan Motorsports Hiring : Welder / Fabricator

Titan Motorsports, Inc. experienced stable growth in 2011, and as a result we’re looking to expand upon our fabrication team. We are looking for highly motivated individuals interested in becoming a part of our fabrication team. The position available is for a full time position at our location on 11370 Boggy Creek Rd, near Orlando International Airport. Applicant would need to be available during our normally operating hours of 9am-6pm, Monday through Friday. Compensation / benefits packaged will be determined based on applicants qualifications and will be discussed upon submission of resume.

Qualified participates should email a resume to Please do not call about this posting or follow up for further correspondence, we will contact you. Selection applicants will need to come in for a series of interviews, we are looking to fill this position immediately.

Job Functions:
Welding and Custom fabrication of Titan Motorsports products not limited to turbo manifolds, turbo kits, roll bars, and other custom fabricated race parts.

Required Skills:
Master Welder, Fabrication Experience in Automotive or Race Shop preferred, experience workings with jigs and custom fixtures for production welding.

Additional Information:
(suggest including, name, previous jobs, recommendations, age, car you drive, and why you are interested in this field).

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Titan Motorsports releases Nissan R35 GTR Stroker Kit

December 27th, 2011 Comments off

Titan Motorsports releases its stroker kit for the VR38DETT engine found in the 2007+ Nissan GTR. The kit features a 94.4mm stroke crankshaft which increases the factory 3.8L engine to 4.1L with standard bore pistons, up to 4.3L with overbore pistons. The billet crank features scalloping as well as knife edged counterweights to reduce weight and increase crankshaft aerodynamics. The crank also features a 2.200” rod bearing which allows for a larger variety of bearing material availability over the factory Nissan bearings. The kit includes Carillo rods and CP pistons produced to Titan Motorsports specifications, designed for an increase in RPM range and horsepower. The pistons are available in standard bore, over bore, or custom bore to customer specifications. The complete kit including crankshaft, rods, pistons, wrist pins and rings retails for $9,995.00 and is available for shipment worldwide.

Available for purchase on our site now :
Titan Motorsports Nissan R35 GTR Stroker Kit (4.1L – 4.3L)

Part Number :

Retail :

All Components Made in the USA.

Ebrahim Kanoo – Street / IRS Supra – Runs New Personal Best 7.59 @ 185

October 24th, 2011 Comments off

Congratulations to Ebrahim Kanoo, today he set another personal best and a landmark pass in the Toyota Supra Drag community. His street supra which he has campaigned for almost a decade just went 7.59 @ 185.

Congratulations to Ebrahim Kanoo, Haider, Shane T, Titan Motorsports and all the people and sponsors involved.