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Titan Motorsports R35 GTR Speed Density Conversion Kit

February 25th, 2016 Comments off

The R35 Nissan GTR factory mass air flow sensors have difficulty reading the additional airflow
provided with upgraded turbos and aftermarket blow off valves and in high boost OEM applications. To remedy this problem, the air volume must be converted to a speed density setup requiring the air temp sensor to be moved post-intercooler and a MAP sensor installed. Titan Motorsports has
created a plug-and-play kit that resolves this problem relocating the intake air temperature sensor from the factory MAF Housing to the Upper intercooler upper pipe.

This kit is a recommended upgrade for R35 GTRs making more than 700whp or those wanting to run Vent-to-Atmosphere Blow-Off Valves. This installation takes 5 minutes and the included Plug-N-Play harness allows the car to be returned to stock. It should be noted this modification will require an ECU re-tune calibration for Speed Density, with proper calibration there is no change in drivability.

Included in this kit :
-Intake Air Temperature and Map Sensor (all in one)
– Motorsports Grade Plug and Play Harness

Available Now on Site : Titan Motorsports R35 GTR Speed Density Kit

Titan Motorsports Visits the 2013 SEMA Show in Las Vegas

November 14th, 2013 Comments off

This years Sema Show in Las Vegas was the biggest in history, and after walking the show for days and not feeling like we’d seen everything, we’d have to agree. After a long weekend of racing the countless aisles of show floor took its toll on our aching feet even with the most comfortable of shoes on. This was the year of Tra Kyoto as Rocket Bunny and over fenders seemed to be on every other car in the show. We could count no less than 25 FRS sporting their kit, and probably half as many E92 M3s. Their recently completed Ferrari 458 was one of the most talked about cars prior to the show on social media and a trip by the Nitto booth showed the car lived up to the hype in person. The FRS continues to be one of the most tuned current releases and the show was littered with companies showing their latest wares for the car, from forced induction, wide bodies, air suspension and wheels. The popularity of exterior wraps continues to grow with a number of new colors displayed at the show including many variations of chrome foils and even animal prints ( although it was odd to see 40-50 cars wearing the same matte blue or red colors from last year). Drifting continues to grow in popularity and the show was used as a launchpad for a number of new deals and news about the series. Interest in the 2JZ in FormulaD has grown and the interest for a Titan Motorsports program continues to grow, we’ll see. Rotiform, Forgeline and HRE Wheels adorned the vast majority of the cars in the performance hall with new finishes and designs for 2014. The trend in the wheel world seems to be going towards directional designs, which may be the “new concave” for 2014 in the stance world. Fabrication and minimalism also seems to be on the rise, a trend we can agree with as builds relied less on body kits and bling to stand out and focused more on one off parts and attention to detail. The quality of cars and innovation at Sema continues to blow our minds, we can’t wait to see whats on display next year.

Titan Motorsports releases Nissan GTR Adjustable Front Control Arm Kit

October 17th, 2013 Comments off

Titan Motorsports has released it’s latest offering for the popular Nissan GTR, it’s chromoly front control arm upgrade kit which features quick camber barrel adjusters. These tubular chromoly control arms are a direct replacement over the factory units.

A single barrel camber adjuster allows for quick alignment changes by loosening the jam nut, inserting a standard 1/4 ratchet into the end of the barrel adjuster and turning to lengthen and shorten the upper rod end. The adjuster allows for changes from a factory setup to significant negative camber for those wanting to run wider tires and increase grip at the track. In addition to the benefits of camber adjustments, these control arms also replace all rubber bushings with durable race proven FK spherical bearings reducing play and increasing feedback for the driver when using tires with increased grip.

The control arm comes complete with all spacers and hardware required for installation.

Available Now on our Website : Titan Motorsports Nissan GTR Adjustable Front Control Arm

Titan Motorsports Nissan R35 GTR Street Intercooler Kit

May 14th, 2013 Comments off

Keeping inlet air temperatures low is a key to making consistent horsepower with any turbocharged application. To combat this problem in the Nissan GTR we have developed our new Titan Motorsports OE replacement Intercooler. The foundation for our intercooler upgrade start with a massive 22”x10”x4.50” core from an industry leading US manufacture. The core is then surrounded by CAD designed end tanks which are laser cut for consistency are TIG welded in custom fixtures to prevent warping.

The Titan Motorsports street intercooler kit features 2.75” diameter inlets and outlets and are bead rolled at our facility to prevent the charge pipes from blowing off at higher boost levels. This intercooler is designed so that the factory Nissan intercooler pipes or any other factory replacement piping system can be utilized. As a result there is no need for additional piping to be supplied with this kit. The plug and play nature of the Titan street intercooler allows the unit to be installed without modifying the factory bumper or any other factory panels, and allows the factory bumper support to remain intact. All necessary hardware and instructions are included with the core.

Available now on our website : Titan Motorsports Nissan R35 GTR Street Intercooler Upgrade

Eurotrip Part 1: Titan Motorsports at the Autosport International Show in UK

January 24th, 2013 Comments off

Titan Motorsports displayed at the Autosport International Show January 10-13 at the NEC Center in Birmingham England. Our booth was joined by our technology and distribution partners Manley Performance and Fidanza to display our latest products and distribution news to our European customers. We exhibited in the Engineering Hall this year which spans the first 2 days of the show and is geared towards those in the automotive engineering and trade business. In addition to the Engineering Hall there is a main hall geared towards the public that runs the entire 4 days with automotive and parts displays that would satisfy most any gear heads appetites. In this hall we were treated to many great cars not found in the states such as the latest Noble, Ginetta, Mono, and plenty of race cars including this years F1 lineup. The Autosport show is one of the few shows where you can see in depth the engineering and manufacturing side of what goes into building the most extreme vehicles in motorsports, and venture into the next hall and see the completed vehicles on display.

In the booth next to ours, Schroth had Bugatti Veyron engine on display along which had parts from the OEM development side.

After marveling at the Veyron engine and the engineering behind it, seeing the factory intake manifold in the Capricorn Group’s booth completely blew me away.

Looking for a Sequential transmision for your endurance racer made completely from billet? Albins has you covered.

The 991 Porsche cup car was just released in images for the general public to see, but at Autosport you can see in depth the parts that make it the competitive machine it it, like these massive brakes from PFC.

Once you got past all of the high tech parts on display there were plenty of cars new and old to marvel at, like a handful of F1 cars from decades past.

SATS Motorsports who we’ve sponsored for the past few years also unvield their Drift Supras new livery, big things are in the works for 2013 and we look forward to expanding on this partnership and helping the team with their latest goals.

Mclaren F1 cars are rare cars to begin with,seeing a F1 GTR is a once in a lifetime occurance, this one was owned by Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason.

If the newer Mclaren cars are more your thing, the latest Mclaren MP4-12C GT3 was a few steps away.

Although still not massively popular in the US like Nascar, people in Europe go crazy over F1 and Autosport caters to this by offering a rare display of the previous years F1 cars displayed for racing fans to see in the flesh. I personally enjoyed being able to compare the minute differences of each car only possibly by starting at them all a few feet from each other.

After the show was over, we packed up our booth and left Birmingham to continue our trip by spending a few days recouperating in London. From there it was a quick flight to Germany to spend a few days braving the cold and exploring a pair of automotive enthusiasts automotive meccas in Stuttgart, expect additional posts on that in the coming days.

Event Coverage : Titan Motorsports attends Simply Clean 4

November 12th, 2012 Comments off

Titan Motorsports attended the Simply Clean 4 meet at Destination Daytona in Ormond Beach. This meet has grown over the years as it caters to a wide array of enthusiasts looking to meet other like individuals and bridge the gap between specific make shows and appreciate all uniquely modified vehicles. After outgrowing and having to deal with the closing of their previous facility Route 46 in Sanford, the show was looking for a new home to accommodate their growing following and found it at Destination Daytona in Ormond Beach. While this facility was much larger than the previous host, cars of all different genres packed every square inch of the venue proving that the success of the show may require an even large venue next year. At one point the local authorities had to to shut down the interstate exit leading to the show in an effort to control the influx of cars still looking to attend the show. From stanced Volkswagens,leather-es wrapped Saab Wagon,tuned exotics to slammed Honda Ruckuses the show had it all. There were plenty of clean cars and unique trends exhibited at the show, and while we may not agree or understand all of them, this show continues to be one we look forward to attending, until SC5 enjoy the coverage below.

Titan Motorsports Nissan GTR CNC Cylinder Heads and Valvetrain Upgrade

September 25th, 2012 Comments off

Titan Motorsports introduces our cylinder head and valve train upgrade program for the Nissan GTR and it’s VR38 engine platform.  The VR38 engine platform is a very robust platform to begin with, however utilizing cylinder head technology gained from our years of racing and building turbocharged engines, Titan Motorsports was able to improve the factory cylinder heads. Computer aided CNC porting allows exact dimensions to be tested and replicated across all 6 cylinder ports, achieving equal airflow for all 6 cylinders. These results can not be produced or replicated using traditional hand cylinder porting, and allow for more exact ECU tuning and additional horsepower as a result of the additional airflow.

The valvetrain was produced in partnership with industry leader Ferrea to ensure the valve and spring package would operate harmoniously with the increased airflow provided from the CNC porting. This upgraded cylinder head utilizes an upgraded OEM valve size and dual spring combination in conjunction with titanium retainers to maintain the lightest valve train possible without sacrificing durability. Reducing the valvetrain weight allows the engines redline to be raised and consistent and reliable engine revolutions in the 9000+ range to be achieved. 

The factory head flows 280CFM on the intake side and 202 CFM on the exhaust side at 28″ test pressure. With our CNC port and upgraded valvetrain the result was 332 CFM on the Intake side and 242 CFM on the exhaust side at the same 28″ test pressure. The complete package results in an astounding gain of 52CFM on the intake side and 40CFM on the exhaust without any sacrifice in reliability or drivability. All flow tests were completed on the latest 1020 Super Flow bench using advanced data collection which allows for a more accurate reading over the Super Flow 600 it replaces (which typically reads 10-12 CFM higher).
Available Now on our Website : Titan Nissan GTR CNC Cylinder Heads

One Lap of America – Daytona International Speedway Stop

May 6th, 2011 Comments off

This week the One Lap of America has been weaving its way across the country attacking various race tracks around the country. If you never heard of the One Lap, it’s the modern day Cannonball Run where street cars compete at race tracks each day and then must drive to the next track hundreds of miles away. The cars compete for 7-8 days, over 3500 miles and must use the same set of street tires with a tread ware of 140 or greater. For complete details, rules and this years route, check out

After a last minute attempt to run the event this year’s event fell through, we decided to check out the competition first hand at their stop at Daytona International Speedway about an hour away.

With no support vehicles allowed competitors must pack everything they need into their cars. While on track all of the support items, clothing, etc must exit the vehicle so many competitors turn to creative storage methods not limited to roof racks, storage containers, and even support trailers.

Our good friend Leh Keen was the current leader in Daytona and the favorite to win the event overall. Leh is a professional race car driver who competes in both Grand Am and ALMS. Last year he won the competition in a well prepared 996 GT2, this year he chose to up the ante with a Topspeed prepared GTR. Having seen video and data from their test sessions, I am truly impressed with how this GTR performs. At Daytona the car was turning times within 1-2 seconds of the Rolex 24 race times, on a Michelin Pilot Super Sport Street Tire!

Like any race, competitors are looking for anything to give them that additional edge. With tires being a limited factor, brake and aerodynamic upgrades are a popular modification. The Alegra Motorsports Nissan GTR Featured an Aeromotions wing, very similar to the one we use on Joshua Barnes Time Attack Supra. The automated adjustment reduced down force on the straightaways and banking at Daytona, allowing for an additional 6mph top speed over a similar car using a fixed large wing blade.

This CRX used tire warmers to help get the most out of the high tread ware tires required. With no testing and your first 3 laps determining your time, the advantage of going out on warm tires was likely worth hauling around this piece of extra equipment. I must say however that having owned a few gutted Hondas in my younger years, it wouldn’t be my first choice for a vehicle to drive cross country with between events.

Roush decided that the race would be a perfect proving ground to show off what their latest Mustang upgrade packages could do. They brought out 2 Roush Mustangs straight off the Showroom floor, with Jack Roush Jr and Billy Johnson behind the wheel. These cars featured the new Coyote engine with a supercharged bolted to it and looked and sounded great, unfortunately their factory tune included a factory rev limit allowing only 145mph on the high banks.

The One Lap is a grueling race, with rigorous street sessions (sometimes 400-650 miles between stops)driving directly after track sessions, mechanical gremlins and driver exhaustion/error can take their toll. Not all vehicles complete the race as a result, this GT3RS suffered a clutch failure and needed a tow to the local dealer. In the spirit of the journey a clutch was overnighted, installed and the drivers continued after only missing 1 event.

During the lunchtime break competitors were allowed parade laps around the famed tri-oval, we were fortunate enough to get out there in my Z4M and make a few laps, scratching another line off my bucket list. If you’ve never driven on high banking, it’s quite the experience and takes a bit to get used to, I’m looking forward to running Daytona at the end of the year at a higher pace. After seeing the event first hand we’re even more anxious to put together an effort to run the 2012 One Lap.

NEW!! TMS GTR Bolt-in Roll Bar

February 21st, 2011 Comments off

Titan Motorsports is proud to announce the all NEW TMS GTR Bolt-in Roll Bar. This bolt-in roll bar is the ultimate in fit and function for the Nissan GTR. As a complete bolt-in application, this new TMS GTR Roll Bar features 4130 Chromoly 1-3/4” tubing, and fits with no modifications or loss of seat belts. Standard colors available include Matte Black, Gloss Black, Silver, and Charcoal, with custom colors available for an additional $150.

•4130 Chromoly
•1-3/4” thick tubing
•Direct Bolt-in, no modification or cutting required
•Colors: Matte Black, Gloss Black, Silver, and Charcoal.
•Fits all R35 Nissan GTR

Numba One Stud’a

January 19th, 2011 Comments off

Titan Motorsports is proud to announce the all new TMS H11 Head Stud and Main Stud Kit for the GTR R35. The H11 stock dimension head studs have approximately 35% higher clamp load and the main studs have approximately 50% higher clamp load rating than the OEM studs for the GTR. Made from H11 material, a premium steel that is processed to deliver superior strength and fatigue properties. These head and main stud kits are essential for those looking to push their VQ38DETT to the limit, as the stock offerings are unable to handle the rigorous pressures produced by higher performing engines.

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