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Devil In Red Dress

July 27th, 2011 Comments off

You guys may recognize this from the Axis vs. Allies post earlier this month. Before we returned it to the customer, we took it down to the studio to snap a few shots. Enjoy.

Official Vortech Installer

July 21st, 2010 Comments off

Titan Motorsports, through the “demonstration of excellent sales, installation and service of Vortech Superchargers”, is now an official Vortech Top-Tier installer. Now, not only can you get the best price on Vortech systems and installation, but we are now able to offer a 3-year/36,000 mile powertrain limited warranty with the sale/installation of complete supercharger systems. With extensive makes and models available, Titan/Vortech is sure to have a system for your application and power needs.

Titan Motorsports is a fully capable installer and tuner and can custom tune your vehicle to extract the most from your particular parts combination. For appointments or more info, check out our Tuning Section.

New STILLEN VQ37 Supercharger System

March 16th, 2010 Comments off

After more than a year of development and testing, STILLEN is proud to announce the release of the STILLEN supercharger for the Nissan VQ37 engine. STILLEN has assessed their ultimate goals and priorities during the development phase as they produced this supercharger kit. Some of the most important factors to the development team were hood clearance, expanding power later on, CARB legality, air to water intercooler, reliability, and obviously performance. STILLEN feels that they have met or exceeded each of their goals with their latest supercharger offering.

Parts included in the kit:

• Vortech V-3 Series Compressor w/Pre-Assembled Laser-Cut Billet Aluminum Mounting Assembly
• (6) 600CC Fuel Injectors
• ECU Based Tuning Device
• High Output Fuel Pump
• Air-to-Water Intercooler System (Intercooler, Heat Exchanger, Pump, Hoses, Mounting Brackets)
• Polished Aluminum Intake Charge Pipe
• Cast Aluminum Intake Manifold
• Cold Air Intake Y-Pipe w/Draw Through MAF Sensor Bosses (as recommended by NISSAN)
• Genuine K&N Intake Filters

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Edelbrock Releases New Mustang Supercharger System

February 8th, 2010 Comments off

E-Force Supercharger system for 2010 Ford Mustangs equipped with a 4.6L 3V (#1582). Based in large part on the existing supercharger for ’05-’09 Mustangs, this new kit will allow the 2010 Mustang to produce an impressive 466 HP and 439 ft/lbs of torque with very low boost. This design is engineered and manufactured by Edelbrock and features an Eaton® Twin Vortices Series (TVS®) GEN VI rotor assembly – the same internals used on the new Corvette ZR-1.

The supercharger assembly is integrated into Edelbrock’s unique intake manifold for a truly seamless design with minimal components. The intake features 15″ long runners for maximum low-end torque and an integrated bypass valve that helps reduce parasitic loss under light throttle, which improves mileage potential. Keeping the air cool is a 110 square inch, high capacity, air to water intercooler – the largest of its kind available on the market today – and a full face low temp heat exchanger. A new injection molded high-flow air-box cover keeps the 2010 50-state emissions legal (E.O.# D-215-72). The assembly is finished with a matching set of coil covers uniquely styled to give your engine compartment a custom look.

This complete Edelbrock E-Force supercharger kit includes everything you need to bolt it on under the hood of a 2010 Mustang 4.6L 3V, including supercharger/manifold assembly, air inlet with 85mm throttle body, injection molded air-box cover, fuel injectors, air-to-water intercooler, coil covers and handheld flash programmer to properly tune the factory ECU for the added power. Edelbrock offers an optional 5-Year/60,000 mile warranty.

The supercharger is also available as a competition kit #1587. Intended for purpose built race cars, the competition kit is supplied with only essential components and does not include the programmer, injectors, coil covers or primary pulley. Four pulley sizes are available, in diameters from 3.50″ to 2.75″ depending on the desired boost level, as well as a competition air intake system that eliminates the stock air box for improved air flow. Please note that these parts are only intended for use with the competition kit, and will void the E.O. certification of the #1582 street-legal kit.

Features Include:

• More horsepower per psi than any other Mustang system on the market
• 2300cc (140 cubic inch) Eaton® TVS® GEN VI rotor assembly
• Unique intake manifold design with 15″ long runners for increased low-end torque
• 100,000 mile self-contained oiling system
• Installs under the stock hood while maintaining factory accessories
• Complete package includes supercharger/intake assembly, air inlet with 85mm throttle body, fuel injectors, air-to-water intercooler, and flash tuner with proper calibration
• Optional 5 Year/60,000 mile warranty
• The most efficient system available – 466 HP and 439 ft/lbs. of Torque with low boost!
• Made in USA for absolute quality and performance
• 50 State Emissions Legal [ E.O.# D-215-72 ]

Ferrari F430 Arrives For Some Supercharging

December 30th, 2009 Comments off

What better way to bring in the New Year then to add not one but two superchargers to your ride. That is exactly what we have planned for this stunning Ferrari F430 you see pictured here.

Novitec is once again flying in their Ferrari specialists to Titan Headquarters to complete the supercharger install. We have had great success working with the people of Novitec. Their workmanship is top notch, and their component quality is second to none. We are proud to be able to facilitate another Ferrari build here at Titan Motorsports. Stay tuned, the build starts Monday.

Looking to get a Novitec Supercharger System for your Ferrari? Give us a call. Our world class tuning facility enables us to continue to support the exotic car community. Give us a call, we’ll get you what you need.

New Vortech Supercharger for 2010 Camaro

November 5th, 2009 Comments off

Good news Camaro fans, Vortech has a few New Supercharger Kits for the new 2010 Camaro. The system boosts a 47% increase in power at 6.5-7.5 PSI with their complete V-3 Si-Trim supercharger. The Tuner kits are available with the oil fed V-7 YSi-Trim supercharger capable of supporting up to 1200HP on modified vehicles. Complete systems include fuel system upgrades including high flow 66 lb/hr replacement fuel injectors, custom injector o-rings, “plug and play” harness adapters, and ECU re-flash. The kits come in your choice of polished or satin.

Titan Supercharges 2010 Camaro

October 28th, 2009 Comments off

Want more power for your new Camaro? Magna Charger has a new supercharger that will help with that. The Magna Charger kit claims to make “a real-world 492 rear wheel HP, and 455 Ft. lbs. of rear wheel torque!”

The Camaro Magna Charger Supercharger Systems come complete with all components necessary for installation. Included in the kit is the cast aluminum intake manifold, factory “push-lock connectors” are utilized in the fuel system for installation ease, intercooler core, coolant circulation pump, heat exchanger and all necessary hardware to make a complete installation package. This system does not require any hood modifications. Other components include new high capacity fuel injectors, and fuel rails. The hand held computer programmer communications with the factory ECU for proper calibration of the supercharger system.

Our initial impression was good; all parts included and detailed instructions to accompany. Everything was pretty straight forward, and took less than a day to install, as indicated by Magna Charger.

This system is 100% bolt on, and comes with a standard 3-year limited warranty or an optional 3-year powertrain warranty. Look for a follow up post, where we get some dyno time, and truly test the new found performance.

New Koyo Radiators Are In Stock!!

October 20th, 2009 Comments off

Good news, the new G35, 350Z, NSX, and Evo X radiators are now in stock ready to ship. Koyo Radiators are designed and manufactured to original equipment (OE) specifications. They come fully polished to a mirror finish and provide 20% to 30% more cooling than standard radiators. The Koyo radiator is produced from aircraft quality aluminum and Heli-arc welded. Heli-arc welding is the highest quality standard for reinforcement along aluminum connections. These Koyo Radiators are perfect for Turbocharged, Super Charged, and Nitrous Oxide equipped engines.

CT-Engineering Joins Titan Line-up

September 2nd, 2009 Comments off




Titan Motorsports is now an authorized dealer of CT-Engineering. For those of you not familiar with CT-Engineering, formerly known as Comptech, they specialize in Honda/Acura performance, and carry a full line of superchargers, suspension upgrades, brake upgrades, and intake & exhaust systems. CT is dedicated to engineering the finest performance parts available for Honda/Acura street cars. CT Engineering recognizes that properly tuning a vehicle to improve its performance is more than a “bolt on” affair, and stands behind their product and dyno proven performance.

Air Shipment arrives at Titan for upcoming project….

March 26th, 2009 Comments off

Today we received a much anticipated air shipment arrived at Titan. We’re quite used to seeing parts shipped truck freight, but when you see a pallet come through the door marked air, you know you’re dealing with a serious individual. Were anxiously to check out the contents which are for a project being done in the shop next week, can you say Supercharged horsie?