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Stoptech Big Brake Kits featuring Forged Calipers

December 15th, 2011 Comments off

StopTech’s complete line of high performance and racing calipers is forged to help produce the strongest calipers around, ensuring consistent and predictable brake caliper performance, stop after stop. In testing, StopTech’s patented forged calipers have exhibited the least amount of flex of any aftermarket or OE caliper.

With forging, an aluminum billet slug is heated and shaped using compressive forces. This produces a better grain structure that improves a material’s resistance to fatigue.

In contrast, the casting process involves pouring liquid into a mold, which can produce a finished product with regional density irregularities. That is why castings are more prone to cracking.

That is why StopTech calipers are all forged, and why StopTech calipers are the best calipers on the market. We’ll take a quick tour of how Stoptech produces the calipers featured in their popular big brake kits.

In this picture you can see the billet caliper slug as Stoptech receives it from their foundry in comparison to same part after finish machining. The pictures below illustrate the steps that take the slug to this final product. All Stoptech calipers start with the same forged slug with CNC finish work tailoring it to a specific application.

The raw forgings are placed in custom made jigs for final machine work on one of the many CNC machines that fill Stoptech’s California location. Each kit features various piston sizing to help maintain proper brake balance while using the OEM master cylinders.

Stoptech’s trophy sport line spends extra time in the CNC machine where additional finish work and machining leads to a 15% weight savings over their standard calipers.

Fresh out of the CNC, these calipers are checked and put in que for their final finish.

After being removed from the CNC, each caliper is sent to the dipping tank where they are anodized in a natural grey finish before the logo is painted in Stoptech’s trademark black and red.

The freshly coated calipers are inspected, assembled, and pressure checked on a test bench before being packaged and shipped to an authorized Stoptech distributor. These Trophy Race Kits are used on many of the top competitors in the SCCA Pro Pirelli World Challenge Championship as well as in Grand-Am and other race series. In addition to these premier racing series, you can also find these brakes on the vast majority of project and employee owned vehicles here at Titan Motorsports.

StopTech Sport Kits Simplify Brake Upgrades

August 3rd, 2011 Comments off

StopTech Sport Kits are available for a number of automotive applications and include direct replacement OE diameter rotors at all four corners, performance brake pads (front & rear) and stainless steel brake lines all around.

Available in slotted, drilled, and slotted+drilled varieties, StopTech rotors offer an eye-catching look and provide significant performance gains, especially under repeated, higher thermal loads. Stainless steel lines provide immediate response to brake pedal input and give better feedback. Performance brake pads offer improved stopping power in all conditions with less dust than other pads.

These Sport Kits are a great option for daily driven vehicles that see occasional track or autocross days, or anyone looking to upgrade their factory braking system. Don’t replace those warped rotors and shot pads, upgrade to StopTech.

Give Titan Motorsports a call for your application and pricing.

Hott Shot! Part Deux

November 1st, 2010 Comments off

M3 Stoptech Test Day

August 24th, 2010 Comments off

Earlier this week we made the trip out to the beautiful Ocala Gran Prix Race Way (OGP) to link up with Grassroots Magazine to do a little before and after testing of our E92 M3, now equipped with the Stoptech Trophy Sport big brake system.

The Bimmer wasn’t the only thing going around the track that afternoon however. GRM was set to do a new vs. old comparison, as they brought a brand new Honda CR-Z out to see how it would compare to Honda’s original sport compact, the CR-X.

A little cart action while we waited to get on the track…

The battle begins, as the M3 looks on with anticipation.

Here come the CR-Hondas out of the final turn and up the strait.

GRM photographer J.G. Pasterjak gets some up-close action of the dual.

Just about to roll out…

Here the M3 rounds the final corner, while the GRM staff try and push the Stoptech Trophy Sports to the limit.

This concluded our day of brake testing. Be on the lookout in upcoming issues of Grassroots Magazine for both the CR-V vs. CR-X test, as well as our Titan M3 Stoptech comparison.

California Shop Tour : Stoptech Brakes

August 16th, 2010 Comments off

The last of my stops on my trip to beautiful California was to Stoptech brakes. Stoptech has a beautiful 75,000+ Sq/ft facility devoted to producing some of the best brake upgrades on the planet. I’ve had Stoptech on a number of my personal vehicles, so this particular stop was one that was marked on my map very earlier on. This particular location houses the sales center, engineering department, manufacturing, and warehouse for Stoptech and their sister brand Powerslot rotors. The facilities were top notch and I left impressed knowing that the majority of their products were produced right here in the US, not designed in one place, manufactured overseas, re boxed somewhere else and sold by a third party. The team takes pride in making cars stop faster, a principle many overlook when building a proper performance machine.

Stoptech has not one, but 2 of these massive brake dynos at their facility. The engineering department mans the controls from their office which is under lock and key. These machines allow Stoptech to safely test the limits of stock and aftermarket brake systems in a controlled environment. During my visit they were testing a stock GTR brake system to make sure they could improve on the factory system, fortunately they can so be on the lookout for GTR brake upgrades in the near future.

The entire production side of their warehouse was filled with CNC upon CNC, producing everything from caliper brackets, to rotor hats, to the calipers themselves. Stoptech produces the vast majority of their kits in house to make sure that lead times are reduced, and quality is kept to an absolute premium.

In this picture you can see the raw caliper castings as they come from the forgery. The trophy sport kits get further CNC work to reduce weight up to 15% for those looking for the absolute best track and street braking.

Rotor hats are machined in house and paired with matched rotor blanks. These hats and blanks are inventoried to make sure replacements are readily available for track junkies needing to replace the friction surfaces.

Stoptech produces all of their brake lines in house, both for stock replacement line kits, as well as their own big brake kits.

Every line gets put through the paces on a series of test benches to ensure they meet and exceed all specifications before being sent out to the customer.

The calipers also get put through their paces on a separate set of test benches designed to make sure the caliper conforms to all standards. These aren’t batch tested, but rather every single caliper and line produced at their facility gets tested before being put in a box and shipped to the end user. This type of attention to detail is something I love to see, especially from a component as important as a brake system part.

Even though everything Stoptech produces is done in house, they make sure to keep a large amount of parts inventory in stock so that lead times are kept to a minimum. Most kits can be assembled and shipped in 24 hours or less to ensure replacement parts and upgrades arrive to the customer when they need them. This picture shows the rows of calipers ready to get matched to their appropriate parts to produce big brake kits for just about every performance vehicle on the road today.

Here you can see a kit on the shelf ready to be shipped to a customer ready to put their car through the paces, this particular kit was one of their more popular applications, the E46 M3 (you may have seen a similar kit on Turner Motorsports winning M3 race car).

Stoptech and Powerslot have everything one needs to help their performance car get stopped quicker. From replacement rotors / pads / lines for your daily driver, to full out race big brake upgrades for both street cars and full track cars. The vast majority of the Stoptechs components are produced in house in California, so you can rest assured you’re dealing with only the highest quality products. Your braking system is the absolute last system you want to skimp out on and use low quality foreign replacements. These are upgrade kits designed to perform and you can rest assure any upgrade has been tested on the track, on test benches, and on the Brake dyno before it ever gets shipped out the door. Titan Motorsports carries the complete line of Stoptech and Powerslot products, we’ve spent years building the quickest imports in the world, and when it comes to slowing those cars down, Stoptech is a brand you can trust.

Stoptech 350z & G35 Big Brake Sale

July 26th, 2010 Comments off

In addition to our already drastically reduced Titan/Stoptech Sale, Stoptech also has a few Nissan parts that we can offer an even further discount to:

2003-2005 Nissan 350z or 2003-2004 Infiniti G35 Coupe or Sedan
6 or 4 piston 355x32mm front
4 piston 355x32mm rear
Red or Black calipers

  • RED 6 piston front 4 piston rear 355mm 4wh kit, slotted rotors
    Sale: $3,634
    Part #’s must be ordered together 83.646.6700.71 & 83.646.0047.71


  • RED 4 piston front 4 piston rear 355mm 4wh kit, slotted rotors
    Sale: $3,374
    Part #’s must be ordered together 83.646.4700.71 & 83.646.0047.7


  • BLACK 6 piston front 4 piston rear 355mm 4wh kit, slotted rotors
    Sale: $3,634
    Part #’s must be ordered together 83.646.6700.51 & 83.646.0047.51


  • BLACK 4 piston front 4 piston rear 355mm 4wh kit, slotted rotors
    Sale: $3,374
    Part #’s must be ordered together 83.646.4700.51 & 83.646.0047.51

Dont see what you are looking for? With the best prices on Sotptech and tons of inventory on hand, give Titan a call and we’ll find you what you need.

StopTech Releases BBK For BMW 135i

February 19th, 2010 Comments off

Check out the newest big brake kit from StopTech. The kit features StopTech’s ST-60 calipers as well as 355x32mm rotors for the Front Kit and 345x28mm rotors for the Rear Kit.

Porsche 997 Carrera S gets a Full Make Over

February 9th, 2010 Comments off

This beautiful Porsche Carrera S made its way through our shop for some performance upgrades. The owner was looking to use the car for track days and the occasional car show, and wanted a car that handled as well as it looked. We started off by installing a set of KW Variant 3 coilovers and StopTech Big Brake kit front and rear before having the car corner balanced and aligned. A Clutchmasters Clutch was also installed with a lightweight flywheel to make for easier rev matches when tackling local road courses such as Sebring International.

With the performance upgrades out of the way, the customer wanted to make sure the car had an aggressive look to go with the upgraded performance. The customer chose a Vorsteiner front and rear bumper with carbon fiber accents. For the rear wing he wanted to stand out from the pack with a side mounted adjustable wing blade, this particular wing is common in the aftermarket for turbos versions of the 997, but had not been previously made for a Carrera. Rather than tell the customer it was not available we contacted our good friends at MA Shaw who made a custom mold and narrow wing blade for the vehicle. The end results is a wing that is lighter than stock, super functional, all while remaining aesthetically pleasing.

The body shop completed the visual upgrades to the car late last week, just in time for the car to take home a plaque at the 6th Annual Cars for the Cure show this weekend. An award winning Porsche that can comfortable be driven on the street during the week and tear up the track on the weekends, who can argue with that.

StopTech Trophy Sport Big Brake Kit

January 20th, 2010 Comments off

We just received our first set of StopTech Trophy Sport Big Brakes, this particular kit is for a MKIV Supra, however these can be ordered in most StopTech BBK offerings.

The Trophy Sport calipers feature a Natural anodized caliper and hats in a color fade resistance gunmetal finish. The calipers themselves are 16-20% lighter than the standard caliper offerings and feature engraved StopTech logos with Epoxy paint fill. These were designed to mimic StopTech’s motorsports only Trophy line-up while featuring dust boots for protection against street driving debris, inconnel spring washers and rotor hardware, and street performance pads.

The Part Numbers and Pricing for the MKIV Kits are:

6 Piston front: 83.857.6700.R1 $3745
4 Piston rear: 83.857.0047.R1 $3245

Lead Time is estimated at 4-6 weeks for these kit as they are custom made to order.

UGR Viper TT gets Stoptech Big Brakes

August 13th, 2009 Comments off

Our good friend Grant brought his 2000 Viper GTS to our shop for the next round of upgrades to an already impressive vehicle. This isn’t your average Viper, a quick look at the front fender reveals the words “Twin Turbo” right below the emblem. This car had previously been built in Charlotte,NC by world renowned Underground Racing and now features over 1,300whp. The biggest problem behind making such extreme power other than an addiction to the smell of C16, is the need to slow down.

We installed a Stoptech ” Front Big Brake kit which fits nicely behind the 18″ HRE’s on the car, this package will also work with the factory 18″ wheel as well. Stoptech Big Brake kits come complete with their world renowned ST 40 4-piston calipers, 355x32mm lightweight 2-piece floating rotors (in slotted or drilled), Street performance brake pads, and all hardware necessary to adapt them to your vehicle.. Grant opted for the Black calipers, however Stoptech also offers their kits in Silver, Yellow, and Blue. Titan Motorsports can also have the calipers custom painted to match your vehicle for an additional charge (this upgrade is not available directly through Soptech). We finished the upgrade off with Motul RBF600 high temperature fluid, and made sure the proper brake bedding procedures where completed to ensure no pad deposits were left on the rotors..

In addition to being one of Florida largest Soptech dealers, we carry a full selection of brake performance parts from street pads,rotors,stainless lines, as well as Castrol SRF and Motul fluids.