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Dyno Files : Alex Job Racing visits Titan Motorsports with Lotus Evora and 997 Cup

May 23rd, 2012 Comments off

Here in the sunshine state we’re blessed to have a great weather year round that results in many professional race teams calling Florida home. One such team that’s local to us is Alex Job Racing, who fields top cars in both the Grand Am and the ALMS series. AJR needed to do some baseline tuning on their cars and brought both their 997 Porsche Cup Car and Lotus Evora race cars by to strap them on our Dynojet 424 LC2. The cars were in the middle of being serviced between rounds and were naked of their body panels allowing us to see the great engineering that goes into the purpose built road racing cars. As with all professional race teams the final numbers will be kept a secret, but it was great to have the team at our facilities and the beautiful soundtrack these cars provided to start our day.

HRE Wheels Factory Tour

September 29th, 2011 Comments off

Have you ever wanted to see how an HRE wheel is made? Thanks to eGarage, we are able to bring you just that. Take the tour with Alan Peltier, President of HRE Wheels, as he guides you through the complete process of how HRE Wheels are designed, engineered, and manufactured.

Like what you see? Titan Motorsports offers the entire line of HRE wheels, and can put together a great wheel and tire package for your vehicle. Give us a call!

Axis vs Allied Powers

June 28th, 2011 Comments off

Titan Motorsports has had the pleasure of working on a wide variety of cars these last few months, and the shop has been busier than the beaches of Normandy in ’44! With that said, we have a bit of a “Power” struggle going on in the shop right now; Axis vs. Allies!

We’ll start with the “Allies”. Here we have a perfect American example. Not surprising it makes over-kill power, backed up with a muscular, menacing presence. This big boy is supercharged and ready to overpower opponents on a whim.

Here we have more of a refined approach. Similar to its “Allied” counter-part here, it too is supercharged, much like many of the British Spitfire and American P-51 Mustangs of WWII.

Representing the “Axis Powers” we start with a German example. This BMW 650i represents the performance “War Machine” that is BMW. Each of their cars may have a different level of luxury, but they all get a healthy dose of power and performance straight from the factory

Finally, we round out the “Axis Powers” with this Italian performer, who definitely shows close ties with its German affiliates (namely using many German parts). With attention to detail, and power to boot, this Bull is ready for anything the “Allies” can throw at it.

So, which side do you think would win our World War Shop Battle?

The Working Workshop

June 10th, 2011 Comments off

So often we share with you pictures of the parts and vehicles that enter and leave our shop. What isn’t seen as often are the tools and the production that goes on in the shop to produce those high end products.

Here we have a turbo manifold for a 2JZ-GTE. This particular manifold is similar to the all-out race manifolds, also produced in-house, that we use in our race program.

Above we have a few go-fast-goodies anxiously awaiting their new home.

Links Laying Low. These will be going on a Drag Supra Project we are working on.

Getting Jiggy With It! Here you see some of the jigs that help us reproduce custom parts, or run a production for an off the shelf part number.

An example of which would be our GT-R roll bars. Here we have a neat little army ready to march out to get powder coated.

Just hanging out, holding it down…

I think the Countach wants to race?!?! The staggered fitment on the welding cart may prove to be the difference maker though…

Chill’n like a villain, these intercoolers are awaiting the next step in the production process.

At Titan Motorsports we do a ton of fuel system upgrades given the nature of our turbocharged roots. “Fitting” that we have this stuff just laying around.

No, this isn’t Nero’s closet. It’s what we use to keep the cars on the dyno. Making sure the cars we test are tested safely is a crucial part of what we do.

Environmental safety is important too. With all the cars that come in and leave, it is important for us to live up to our environmental responsibilities as well.

Come by and check out the shop. There is always something of interest rolling in, rolling out, or being created. We hope you’ll agree.

Koenigsegg CCXR Revisited – Fast Five

April 29th, 2011 Comments off

Last year we had the privilege of visiting a great private collection here in Orlando that featured an array of rare super cars. While watching Fast Five last night I saw some familiar faces, without spoiling the movie I thought it would be a perfect time to revisit this beautiful collection.

Fun Fact : This CCX-R Edition is 1 of 6 in the world, but only 1 of 2 with the automatic paddle shifter.

Thanks once again to my good friend Jon Springer for allowing access to this great collection.

Wall Candies…We Has Them.

April 8th, 2011 Comments off

We’ve just restocked the showroom! With tons of parts arriving daily, Titan Motorsports keeps the best parts in stock, and many new parts have been added to our showroom for you to get your hands on and play with.

Here you can see the writing is on the wall…in a good way! We have had the privilege of appearing in numerous media publications from around the world, and will continue to do so in the future. Maybe you’d like to see your car here next?

If only these Wallys could talk. Each one has a particular story behind them, and reflects the type of hard work it takes when racing competitively at such a high level. We are proud of our accomplishments, and seek to use this knowledge and work ethic in all that we do for our customers.

So stop on by and check out our showroom and workshop. Take a look at the parts and the cars. And see why Titan Motorsports is your #1 performance parts resource!

California Shop Tour : Stoptech Brakes

August 16th, 2010 Comments off

The last of my stops on my trip to beautiful California was to Stoptech brakes. Stoptech has a beautiful 75,000+ Sq/ft facility devoted to producing some of the best brake upgrades on the planet. I’ve had Stoptech on a number of my personal vehicles, so this particular stop was one that was marked on my map very earlier on. This particular location houses the sales center, engineering department, manufacturing, and warehouse for Stoptech and their sister brand Powerslot rotors. The facilities were top notch and I left impressed knowing that the majority of their products were produced right here in the US, not designed in one place, manufactured overseas, re boxed somewhere else and sold by a third party. The team takes pride in making cars stop faster, a principle many overlook when building a proper performance machine.

Stoptech has not one, but 2 of these massive brake dynos at their facility. The engineering department mans the controls from their office which is under lock and key. These machines allow Stoptech to safely test the limits of stock and aftermarket brake systems in a controlled environment. During my visit they were testing a stock GTR brake system to make sure they could improve on the factory system, fortunately they can so be on the lookout for GTR brake upgrades in the near future.

The entire production side of their warehouse was filled with CNC upon CNC, producing everything from caliper brackets, to rotor hats, to the calipers themselves. Stoptech produces the vast majority of their kits in house to make sure that lead times are reduced, and quality is kept to an absolute premium.

In this picture you can see the raw caliper castings as they come from the forgery. The trophy sport kits get further CNC work to reduce weight up to 15% for those looking for the absolute best track and street braking.

Rotor hats are machined in house and paired with matched rotor blanks. These hats and blanks are inventoried to make sure replacements are readily available for track junkies needing to replace the friction surfaces.

Stoptech produces all of their brake lines in house, both for stock replacement line kits, as well as their own big brake kits.

Every line gets put through the paces on a series of test benches to ensure they meet and exceed all specifications before being sent out to the customer.

The calipers also get put through their paces on a separate set of test benches designed to make sure the caliper conforms to all standards. These aren’t batch tested, but rather every single caliper and line produced at their facility gets tested before being put in a box and shipped to the end user. This type of attention to detail is something I love to see, especially from a component as important as a brake system part.

Even though everything Stoptech produces is done in house, they make sure to keep a large amount of parts inventory in stock so that lead times are kept to a minimum. Most kits can be assembled and shipped in 24 hours or less to ensure replacement parts and upgrades arrive to the customer when they need them. This picture shows the rows of calipers ready to get matched to their appropriate parts to produce big brake kits for just about every performance vehicle on the road today.

Here you can see a kit on the shelf ready to be shipped to a customer ready to put their car through the paces, this particular kit was one of their more popular applications, the E46 M3 (you may have seen a similar kit on Turner Motorsports winning M3 race car).

Stoptech and Powerslot have everything one needs to help their performance car get stopped quicker. From replacement rotors / pads / lines for your daily driver, to full out race big brake upgrades for both street cars and full track cars. The vast majority of the Stoptechs components are produced in house in California, so you can rest assured you’re dealing with only the highest quality products. Your braking system is the absolute last system you want to skimp out on and use low quality foreign replacements. These are upgrade kits designed to perform and you can rest assure any upgrade has been tested on the track, on test benches, and on the Brake dyno before it ever gets shipped out the door. Titan Motorsports carries the complete line of Stoptech and Powerslot products, we’ve spent years building the quickest imports in the world, and when it comes to slowing those cars down, Stoptech is a brand you can trust.

Southern California Shop Tour : GMG Racing

August 9th, 2010 Comments off

If you’re a sports car racing fan then chances are you’ve heard of GMG Racing and their ALMS Porsche Cup cars. In addition to their racing efforts, they also produce a great deal of parts for street cars looking to take the track. We’ve had great luck with their Roll bars and suspension components in our test car in the past, so when I was in the area I decided to stop by their shop and see it with my own eyes. I was greeted by Fabryce, the man in charge of this world class shop and he was nice enough to take a few moments to show me around. The second you walk into the shop you are overwhelmed. Porsche Cup cars, stacked 2 high in some areas, along with street Porsches, Audis, and Ferrari or two, you name it and it’s under one roof. They have all the equipment you’ll need to setup the ultimate street or race car from their 4WD dyno cell (which may look familiar if you’ve seen the LFA commercial on TV), A dialed alignment rack, fabrication center, and even a 3D printer for quick prototyping.

The main entry, interestingly enough GMG Racing just happens to be across the street from Porsche Motorsports NA headquarters, that’s one neighbor I wouldn’t mind having!

Team GMG’s GT3 Cup car, built and campaigned in the American LeMans series. Want a cup car of your own? You’re in luck, this one is for sale. Inquire within.

This gem was sitting in the back corner of the shop, most would have walked past it as just another cup car….however GT3Cups normally don’t have intercoolers. GMG is building something most have only dreamed of, a GT2 turbo engine powered GT3 Cup car. I’m anxious to see this complete and must admit that I don’t think many cars will be able to compete with this monster in the time attack and time trials it’s being designed and built for.

GMG produced a great Roll bar / harness bar kit for the 996/997, we’ve got one in our Camo car and must admit it was a super easy install that looked and performed better than even the factory Porsche Techquipment bar. Definately a must if you’re got a 996tt / 997tt / GT3 or GT3RS that your interested in taking to the track, and fortunately these are available in a variety of colors for sale and install through Titan.

GMG has also started working with Japanese cars through one of their sister companies, and this GTR turbo kit is one of their first offerings. This cast inconel manifold features v-band turbochargers available in various sizes designed for specific purposes. It will be offered as a complete kit in the near future once testing is complete, and we look forward to installing quite a few of these for Florida GTR owners looking to increase the power of their own Godzillas.

GMG recently released their own forged lightweight wheels for track and street. New GT3 owners need not worry, they also introduced a single-nut version for those of you who are fortunately enough to have this option from the factory. Titan Motorsports can also get these fine wheels for you and can match them with your choice of tires for track or street.

I want to thank Fabryce for taking the time to show me around, GMG is truly one of the shops in this country that others can use as a benchmark. We’re proud to have them as a technology and resource partner and look forward to growing this relationship in the future. If you’re in the west be sure to check out the Global Tuner Grand Prix at Laguna Seca they’re putting together October 22-24, this is one of the rare track days at Laguna with no sound restrictions. Details can be found at the GTGP website

Southern California Shop Tour : Mackin Industries

August 5th, 2010 Comments off

Most consumers haven’t heard of Mackin Industries, however they have heard of Project Mu / Volk Racing / Advan and MXP, just a few of the many companies Mackin is the US importer for.

The TE37 is one of the most timeless wheels in history in my opinion, having seeing them on every car under the sun for over 10 years, it still turns my head to see a proper fitment of this wheel today. This singelock racing version of TE37 Mag is king of the hill when it comes to the TE, and in my opinion would be a great offering for newer GT3 and GT3RS’s which now come from the factory with single nut hubs.

Anyone whose ever ordered a set of Volk wheels knows that if they’re not in stock you’re in for a long wait, Mackin has tried to alleviate this by stocking row upon row of Volk here in the states to help cut lead times.

Rays Engineering has a history of building quality race wheels, not many wheel companies, even those considered the best in the industry can say they produce formula 1 wheels. This project is a testament to the quality and pursuit of perfection Volk / Rays puts into their product, I’m just surprised someone hasn’t tried to get a set of these and go HellaFlush on their Civic with them!

Project Mu is looking to make a big push here in the states and become a household name, as a result Mackin has brought in a ton of new inventory to make sure brakes are there when a customer needs them (as we all know brakes unlike wheels aren’t an item you can wait for, when you need them you need them).

Recently Mackin introduced their own Exhaust line, MXP Exhaust. This high quality line is available for a variety of vehicles and produced using only the highest quality of materials, with weight, sound, and aesthetics all taken into consideration with every exhaust produced.

Mackin offers a custom finishing service for those looking to be extra original, these finishing are done in California by Mackin, not Volk, but offer a great alternative to waiting for those wanting to be a little different.

I want to thank the guys at Mackin for the tour, if you’re in the market for any of the products they offer please don’t hesitate to call or email one of our sales people. Mackin does not sell to the public, however fortunately we do, and we will be more than happy to make sure you get the TE37s or any other product you’ve been dreaming of as quickly as humanly possible.

Southern California Shop Tour : Vorsteiner

August 3rd, 2010 Comments off

As the resident Euro fanatic at Titan Motorsports, I’ve been a fan of Vorsteiner’s products for quite some time. Vorsteiner specializes in producing high quality aftermarket parts designed to compliment most modern BMWs, Porches,Mercedes and even Bentley. They balance the fine line required to improve cars that already start out as those which dreams are made of, all while improving the visual and performance aspects of the vehicles. We’ve been a dealer for some time as you might remember the Red Carrera S we built earlier this year featuring their products, however we look forward to expanding our relationship further. While on a tour of Southern California I knew my trip wouldn’t be complete without a stop by their headquarters and manufacturing facility in . Vorsteiner’s motto is “Perfection Redefined”, something that is apparent from the second you pull into the parking lot, to entering the building and seeing their pursuit of perfection with every aspect of their office,operations, and product development. In the past I’ve been turned off by most body enhancements, however Vorsteiner has always been the exception, using premium products and great design to enhance factory body lines not distract from it. The end results are cars that look like a steroid injected versions of what the factory should have produced, given less restraints in a desire to appease the masses.

This beautiful Porsche Panamera was sitting front and center in the parking lot, while currently only sporting Vorsteiner’s latest wheels, it’s due for a complete makeover in the coming weeks. Having seen the renderings, I must admit the future body offerings for this vehicle take a sporty sedan, and turn it into a true sport scar with 4 doors.

Next to the Panamera were 2 M3s, a stock white one and the menacing olive drab green GTRS3 version. As someone who likes to look towards at old military machinery for inspiration (see our camo 996tt), this vehicle struck a cord with me. The GTRS3 Package consists of replacement carbon fiber front bumper, with modular splitter, extended front fenders, side skirts, rear quart panel extensions, and a matching widened rear bumper with integrated carbon diffuser. The kit also includes Vorsteiner’s V-308 modular 3 pieces wheel set, which feature concave faces and big lips that rival any wheel I’ve seen in the aftermarket in terms of quality and great fitment. These same wheels can be specced and ordered for many other makes and models, in just about any color combination you can come up with. Andreas informed me that in the coming weeks the white car will get it’s window sticker removed, and receive the same GTRS3 wide body kit, with a more subtle color treatment.

Vorsteiner also produced a high quality line of parts geared towards the premium Japanese cars such as the GTR and Lexus ISF branded through their sister company Ventross. At Titan Motorsports we’re proud to be one of the premier Vorsteiner and Ventross dealers in the Southeast. We look forward to further expanding this great relationship in the future, stay tuned as Nero’s M3 gets some much needed Vorsteiner love in the coming weeks.