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More Parts for the 996TT arrive…..

September 29th, 2008

Thanks to Mike @ AWE, our straight pipes for the 996 project arrived today. Since this car is primarily going to be used at the track and mild street duty, we decided to save some weight and give the car an obnoxious tone at the same time. This setup should drop 50-60lbs off the back of the car, as always we will scale the car after the install and get some video of the sound during our next track visit.

Porsche 996TT Broken Front Differential

Unfortunately our dyno session on Friday did not go quite as well. We sent the car to an AWD dyno, and the rollers where not locked during a run, taking the diff out in the process. Lesson learned the hard way, but something we will fix and try again. We may convert the car to RWD for a short period while we locate a replacement diff and get it installed.

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