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We find out where Turbos are born.

September 9th, 2008

On our way to race ADRL in Martin Michigan, we made a stop to a few metal foundries. The foundries have an ability to manufacture raw parts from your prints or design/modify prints in their engineering departments. Even when you provide your own specifications the foundries in-house engineering departments run a battery of test’s prior to “pouring metal” which allows maximum quality control through the entire development process.

Once a part has been fully designed and engineered, it is poured in the foundry before going to the machine shop. All casting patterns are developed in-house. In conjunction with 3-D solidification software, castings are produced using CNC to yield the tightest tolerances.

Aluminum and steel castings ensure consistent results from every pour. For more intricate parts or those where finish is paramount without machining, there are Lost Wax and other casting options.

Once cast pieces are verified, any parts that require finish work are moved to a state-of-the-art machine shop. All machining for castings or parts are performed in their high-tech machine shop using all CNC to guarantee repeatable machining as well as exactness of tolerances, dimensions and finishes.

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