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Titan Picks Up Win In St. Louis

August 16th, 2010

With the past few ADRL events being double-headers, it is hard to believe that all this action is being packed into one weekend… again. It’s almost getting difficult to keep up with what races are what, who has qualified, and which races are raced which days. So, here is the rundown for Titan’s August 6-7th ADRL weekend.

Friday was the make-up day for the Independence Drags held in Topeka last month. The Scion qualified #1 for this race, with a 3.986 at 185.61mph, so the crew was eager to finish it off strong. Round one of eliminations was a bye run so we’ll pick things up in the second. In round two, Gary lines up with Judd Coffman. Coffman ended up rolling the beam, Gary ended up super loose, but at the end, it was the Scion that moved on. In round 3 it was Dustin Miller’s turn to dance, but it was Gary White and the Titan Scion that was to set the tune. Miller got a big starting line advantage, but ran into problems down the track. The Scion blasted down the track with a 4.047 at 184.02, posting the fastest time of the day. In the finals, Titan was set to face-off with Jeff Naiser. Gary blasted out of the gate first and never looked back. Naiser ran into some trouble half way down the track and had to shut it off. The Scion posted another fast time of the day with a 4.003 at 185.79. Although these wins may not have been in the most glorious fashion, it does attest to the hard work of the Titan crew, keeping the car consistent and virtually trouble free, earning another #1 qualifier and podium finish.

The second race of the weekend was the Hardees Gateway Drags. After four rounds of qualifying, it was Spiro Pappas that claimed the top qualifier, with Titan in the #2 spot. Round one was once again a matchup of White and Coffman. White left strong and finished strong with a 4.047 at 184.04mph. Coffman was up in smoke as soon as he let the clutch out. Round two pitted Gary against Dan Millen. Millen had the starting line advantage but Gary and the Scion made up the difference quick, posting a 4.110 to Dan’s 4.292. In the third round vs. Chuck Ulsch, Gary threw down a quick 4.012 to Chuck’s 4.029, but it was all in vain, as the Scion tripped the red light as it left a fraction of a second too early.

Despite the disappointing ending, it was still a good weekend for the Titan Crew. The car was fast, and performed consistently. In the end, you win some, and you lose some. That’s racing. Look for the Titan Crew to be on the “win some” side of things as the Scion returns to Rockingham Dragway for the ADRL Simpson Dragstock VII in Rockingham NC. We’ll see you at the races!

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