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T1 R35 Fuel Rail Kit

May 3rd, 2011

Check out the new R35 Fuel Rail Kit from T1 Race Development/Injector Dynamics. Injector Dynamics has many different fuel injector options, and now these larger injectors can be used in the R35. The ID1600’s are too long to fit the R35. The factory rail can be modified for height but then it hits the intake manifold. The T1 rails are designed for the longer injector (12mm longer than stock).

These rails are all 1 piece, no secondary mounting brackets or adaptors for the fuel damper and regulator. It made machining them a lot more work, but at the end of the day it’s a better way to do it and it eliminates any possibility of mounting brackets coming loose or anything. The factory damper and regulator bolt on and in the same position as the stock rails, so these rails are 100% bolt on.

Fuel temperature is another issue that is often overlooked. The cylinder heads are hot and a lot of heat gets transfered from the heads, to the rails, to the fuel. We’ve incorporated 1/4″ phenolic spacers between the heads and rails. Phenolic has excellent insulation properties, keeping as much heat out of the fuel rail as possible.

The kit also includes Goodridge fittings and line to connect the two rails behind the timing cover. Goodridge’s top of the line components were used, the ‘G Line XF’ line is constructed of woven super light Aramid braid, with a PTFE inner bore – smooth inside for increased flow and convoluted outside for amazing flexibility. The hose is fully compatible with all fuels, including methanol. The lightweight crimp on hose ends ensure a leak free seal and light weight.

The complete rail kit consists of both fuel rails, all Goodridge black anodized fittings and hose, SS mounting hardware, and phenolic spacers.

Injector adaptors required for ID1000’s and ID2000’s.

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