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Sema Prank 2011 : Balloon Boy

November 8th, 2011

The first week in November marks the start of the annual SEMA show in Las Vegas, and a weekend without the bosses here at Titan. We enjoy a casual office environment, and a week with no bosses typically leads to some fun pranks, with this year’s target would be Bottles office. Bottle typically refers to his office as “one big 7-eleven” so we decided to fulfill his dream and add the appropriate signage, and a few hundred balloons for good measure. Our original plan was to fill the office from floor to the ceiling with balloons, however after filling our first run of 500 balloons and tiring our fingers in the process, we decided half full would suffice. Bottle was quite surprised when he arrived at the office, he expected a prank, but not one this well thought out! He attempted to work on Monday in his newly remodeled office, however after battling the balloons for a few hours; an exacto knife led them to their demise.

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