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COBB Tuning releases Big SF Intake for Nissan GT-R

November 10th, 2011

COBB Tuning is proud to announce the release of our latest addition to our Nissan GT-R performance parts: The COBB Tuning Big SF Intake. The Big SF Intake is a 3-inch ID intake designed to open the door to high-power builds in the future, yet work effortlessly with an otherwise stock GT-R. The Big SF Intake kit future-proofs your intake, so you won’t need to upgrade this component later if you decide to go down the path of major modifications. Furthermore, it installs as easily as our regular SF Intake, without any cutting or trimming of bodywork.

In stock form, the R35 ECU measures airflow using a Mass Airflow (MAF) sensor located in the stock intake system. As modifications add up and increase power, the airflow can increase to the point that it exceeds the MAF sensor’s maximum capacity, preventing the ECU from accurately measuring air mass, and thus unable to deliver the appropriate amount of fuel. The Big SF Intake increases the inner diameter of the intake tubing, increasing the cross section of the intake and allowing the MAF sensor to read lower for the same amount of ingested air. This gives the sensor the necessary headroom to read accurately for airflow higher than the stock system was designed for. COBB Tuning has used the Big SF Intake to support builds of over 600HP and 600TQ at the wheels, gains of 40% over a stock GT-R!

Changing the calibration of the MAF sensor necessitates tuning changes to recalibrate the ECU. COBB Tuning has you covered here as well with a set of free AccessPORT Big SF Intake Off-The-Shelf maps for all supported GT-R Stage1 and Stage2 vehicles. Big SF Intake maps are available for download from the Nissan GT-R AccessPORT Map Database.

The Big SF Intake shares all of the same quality features of its popular smaller brother. Constructed of 3-inch diameter aluminum tubing with TIG welded bracketry and MAF sensor mount and finished with a tough black crinkle coating for an OEM quality appearance. High-Flow K&N cone filter elements fit through the factory openings in the bumper. Your choice of high-quality COBB Blue or Steath Black silicone couplers are used to join the intake to the factory system.

If you looking to upgrade your GT-R’s intake and are considering modifying your GT-R for more power down the road, the COBB Tuning Big SF Intake will meet your immediate intake-upgrade needs with matching AccessPORT calibrations, and will meet airflow demands as you continue to modify your car in your quest for more horsepower. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Now Available on our Website : COBB Tuning Big SF Nissan GTR Intake

COBB Blue Silicone Couplers: 7C1101BL
Stealth Black Silicone Couplers: 7C1101BK
Retail Price: $695.00

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