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Titan Motorsports 2JZ Modified Crank Timing Gear

April 24th, 2012

At Titan Motorsports we have spent years developing the popular 2JZ engine and experienced plenty of parts failures both big and small. In our quest to creating reliable horsepower with the 2JZ platform we are constantly developing parts to solve these problems as they occur. One such common issue is the timing pickup will often twist from the main timing belt gear causing a trigger error and preventing the engine from properly syncing. We modify the OEM Toyota Timing Pulley to Titan Motorsports specifications to solve this problem and fortify this connection. Starting with a brand new factory Toyota timing gear, we carefully stitch weld the timing pickup sensor to the main gear locking them in place permanently and preventing slippage.

This gear is sold as a complete unit that is based off a brand new core part from Toyota, as a result there is no core charge required.
Available Now on our Website: Titan Motorsports Welded 2JZ Timing Gear

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