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Titan Motorsports 2JZ Dry Sump Kit

April 16th, 2013

The Titan dry sump kit is the product of our years of development on the 2JZ engine platform. Traditionally something only possible for 2JZ full chassis cars, we took the time to engineer a complete kit that allows the same technology to be used in a factory MKIV Supra subframe. Our dry sump kit is designed to fit the stock subframe with minimal modifications necessary, making the installation process very simple. These kits have been safely tested to 10,000+ rpm on our race engines.

Basic kit includes the following items;
• Billet/Sheet meteal Oil Pan
• Barnes 5 stage pump with all hardware
• HTD Taper grip pump pulley
• Oil Pump Belt
• Mandrel for Titan/ATI pulley
• Drive gears for crank and pump
• Billet Oil pump Bracket
• Modified Oil Pump
• Fragola Custom Lines to the pan with preinstalled oil filters
• All hardware needed

Additional parts needed:
• Inline oil filter for after Pump
• Oil Tank

Optional Parts Available:
• Oil Cooler Kit
• Electric Oil Tank Heater

Available on our Website Now : Titan Motorsports 2JZ Dry Sump Kit

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