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Titan Preps for TX2K11

February 28th, 2011 Comments off

In the waning days leading up to Texas 2K11, Team Titan has been pedal to the metal getting the Copper Supra back into sprinting shape. Although the Supra had run a 7.66@188.44mph in its last outing over a year ago, there were still a few “cobwebs” to be cleared (and some actual ones too). So it’s been out with the old, and in with the new, including a new header design, custom built by Titan Motorsports, and a custom set of Driveshaft Shop Axles.

Here you can see the new manifold…

Additionally, The Team will be testing new turbo combinations next week at the Shakedown at Palm Beach, where the Supra will later go on to run in the Pro Import Class, with the Pro Scion running in Pro Mod.

New Precision Turbo…

“We are extremely excited to be racing the Supra again” says owner Nero Deliwala. The Supra will be running in the Unlimited Class at TX2K11, and will be looking to once again put a few numbers in the record books.

ADRL LenMar World Finals – Battle for the Belts

October 25th, 2010 Comments off

This weekend Titan Motorsports participated in the ADRL LenMar World Finals as well as the 2010 Battle for the Belts in Dallas Texas. We pick up the action with the Battle for the Belts’ first round of action. In the first round, Gary White and the Titan Motorsports Scion had a bye run, since the Team finished first in points for the year. Although Gary didn’t race an opponent, he was still racing this round to qualify for the LenMar World Finals. In round 1 he ran a 3.954 at 187.76mph. This run just barely beat out Todd Moyer’s first run winning time of 3.955, giving White the lane choice against him in round 2. In round 2 Gary cut a great reaction time and was able to just squeeze out Moyer with a 3.957 against Todd’s 3.990. In the third and final round it was Gary White vs. Dan Millen. Gary got a good jump, but Dan had the lead by halftrack, and took the win. Congratulations to Dan Millen and his team on the win!

Besides the Battle for the Belts, there was another race going on in ADRL this weekend, the LenMar World Finals. In round 1 of qualifying, Gary and the Scion ran against Dan Millen. White had problems early and had to back off of the throttle. Millen ran a very quick 3.853 at 200.11mph to take the win. In round 2 Team Titan raced against Steven Benoit. This time the Scion was running strong, laying down a 3.995 at 186.69 vs. Benoit’s 4.774. The third round was the first round of the Battle of the Belts, where Team Titan ran a 3.954 to bump the Scion to the #3 qualifying position.

Unfortunately, the rain moved in and the race was canceled (no surprise here). So once again there will be more ADRL races to be made up. This one however will be finished with the season opener next March.

Stay tuned to our Blog for all the lastest off-season news and updates on the XTF Scion.

ADRL Dragstock & Ohio Drags Results

September 27th, 2010 Comments off

This past weekend was the 4th annual ADRL Summit Racing Equipment Ohio Drags, which also held host to the canceled ADRL Simpson Dragstock VII, in Norwalk Ohio. After rain had delayed the Simpson Dragstock, the race was continued in Ohio. We pick up the action in Ohio.

Coming off of a #3 qualifier (3.92 @ 185.69mph) at the Dragstock VII, The Titan Scion was finally ready for Friday’s elimination runs. The first round drew L.J. Wood Jr. Wood had a great light and led until about the 330 foot mark, where Gary proceeded to run him down to win by over a car length. In the second round Team Titan was set to run against long time rival Billy Glidden. Gary and Billy have been battling back and forth for the better part of 2 years now and it is always “anyone’s race” when these two line up. White had a great light, but Glidden was on a role, and posted his second 3 second pass in a row to take the win against Gary’s 4.098.

After Friday’s make up race, Saturday began the Ohio Drags eliminations. The competition has really been stepping up this weekend and even qualifying was the quickest in XTF history. The Titan Scion was able to qualify #5 with a 4.098 @ 184.67mph. In the first rounds of eliminations Titan was up against sandy Wilkins. Wilkins left the line first, but Gary quickly made the ground up to grab the win. Between rounds, Titan opted for a quick motor change to try and swing the tide. In round 2 Gary and Team Titan would once again be up against Billy Glidden. Glidden, riding the “3-second train” blasted out another 3.99 to edge out Gary’s 4.09. Chuck Ulsch would later win the event.

Next on the ADRL race schedule will be the LenMar Motorsports ADRL World Finals, at Texas Motorplex, in Ennis texas. We’ll see you at the races!

ADRL Texas Double Header

July 28th, 2010 Comments off

As if running a double header weekend wasn’t going to heat things up as it is, the weather in Texas decided to contribute in this department as well, bringing track temps as high as 150*F! The weekend’s festivities began with the completion of the canceled ADRL Dragpalooza VI from back in March. As things stood, we were to resume our #3 qualifying position ran in March, with all elimination races to count toward qualifying for the Texas Drags, to be held the very next day.

The first elimination round for Dragpalooza had Gary White lined up against Patrick Collins. The Scion spun off the line, and Collins shook. Gary tried to reel him in but left a rod on the track in the process, ending in a first round elimination right off the bat. Not exactly the result Team Titan imagined going into the weekend. But that’s racing.

The first round of Dragpalooza eliminations was also the beginning of qualifying runs for the Texas Drags, a round the Team would soon like to forget. After a replacement motor was fitted, the crew was ready and determined to make up the lost ground. The second and third qualifying runs were more like test runs, where the crew just eased into things, making sure everything on the new motor was running soundly. On these “test runs”, Gary managed a 4.512 at 166.83mph to make sure the team stayed in the runnings. Then in the final qualifying session, Titan turned it up, throwing down a solid 4.131 at 183mph to claim the #2 spot going into eliminations.

The first round of eliminations pitted the Scion against H.T. Wilson. Wilson flinched and Gary got a free pass to round two. The second round had Titan lined up against Todd Moyer, a highly anticipated match up, as both teams have been running strong as of late. In the end it was Gary and the Scion that prevailed, running a 4.113 at 183.57mph, the quickest of all elimination runs. In round three, it was Jeff Naiser who stood between the Scion and the final round. Naiser left early, but it didn’t matter. Gary was determined to get to the finals again and ran a 4.103 at 184.85 with a .001 light!

The finals look unsurprisingly familiar, with Gary White’s Scion once again going up against the likes of Billy Glidden. Billy had been tough all weekend and put down some good runs. Gary, after the motor swap, had also been progressively getting quicker approaching the final round. With the two cars lined up and the lights dropping, Gary got a little excited and left early, handing Glidden his second win of the weekend.

Wow, what a weekend. Between the heat of the track and the heat of the compition, coupled with the implication of a double header, it has been quite a weekend of racing. Team Titan will inevitably be testing and tuning in the weeks to come, hoping to dial in the new set-up before heading to St. Louis on August 6-7th for the Gateway Drags III. We’ll see you at the races!

*Photos courtesy of Chris Harrington

ADRL Texas Drags

July 23rd, 2010 Comments off

Its race day again, as the team has arrived in Houston for the ADRL Texas Drags. Wow, 4 races in 4 weeks, technically, as this weekend’s race will be a double header. Now, not only will the Texas Drags go down, but also the completion of the rained out Topeka race, where Titan was left with the #1 qualifying position. To keep up with all the action and to track the Team’s progress, check out ADRL’s Live Feed.

Rained Out In Topeka

July 6th, 2010 Comments off

This July 4th weekend we set out to race the ADRL Independence Drags IV, but Mother Nature had other plans. After once again grabbing the #1 qualifying position in XTF, the steady rain moved in, and the race was eventually called off and postponed. The event will be completed at the ADRL Hardee’s Gateway Drags III on August 7-8 at Gateway International Raceway in Madison, IL, just outside of St. Louis. The completion of final eliminations of the Independence Drags will take place on Friday, with the Gateway Drags to be completed the next day.

Video of Summer Drags VI Win

June 21st, 2010 Comments off

Titan Grabs Second Win In A Row

June 16th, 2010 Comments off

Summer isn’t the only thing bringing the heat in 2010. The Team from Titan Motorsports was at it again in Martin Michigan for the ADRL Summer Drags VI. Coming off of a strong win in Virginia and recently joining the Mickey Thompson 3 Second Club, Titan and the Scion came through with another dominating performance.

After a few rain delays in Martin on Friday, the track was finally cleared to begin the qualifying runs. In the first qualifying session, Gary White and the boys were just warming up, yet set the precedent for the afternoon by laying down a strong first run of 4.010@187.77mph, good enough for the number one qualifying position. In round two Gary nailed a career best trap speed with his 3.958@187.98mph! The third and fourth sessions were canceled due to more rain. Titan remained the number one qualifier.

In the first round of eliminations Titan had a bye run, and threw down a half-hearted 5.057@113.22mph, just enough to get the Scion down the track. In round two, the Scion was staged with L.J. Wood Jr. Gary moved around a bit initially, but wrangled it back together for a 3.985@188.06mph giving L.J. a good look at the Scion’s tail lights. For round three we were paired with the always capable Spiro Pappas, who had also joined the 3 Second Club back in August. Pappas had hurt a piston in the previous round, and their team had to hustle to get it lined up in time. Once the lights dropped, Spiro got caught sleeping a bit, and Gary took advantage, rocketing the Scion straight down the groove, posting a 3.983@187.28mph and solidifying lane choice over Billy Glidden in the final round. Ahh, the final round. Just Billy and Gary. We’ve seen this before. The stage is set. The cars are lined up. Glidden gets out of the gate first, but White reeled him in by half track posting a 3.934@190.37mph to Billy’s 4.043@179.65mph for Titan’s second win in a row.

The Titan Scion has always been consistent, and now it’s just getting faster. Titan has been raining 3’s since Valdosta and the team showcased its consistency once again in Michigan, running 3’s in all meaningful elimination rounds. Look for the team to continue the success as Titan heads to Kansas in July looking for a possible three-peat in XTF. We’ll see you at the races!

Why Are You Yelling?!

June 15th, 2010 Comments off

Okay so maybe you aren’t yelling, but brothers and owners of Titan Motorsports Bottle (left) and Nero (right) Deliwala certainly are. Find out why tomorrow when we release the results from the ADRL Summer Drags VI.

Wanna Watch Us Go Fast?!

June 9th, 2010 Comments off

This Friday and Saturday, Titan motorsports will be participating in the ADRL Summer Drags VI in Martin Michigan, looking to extend our “3 Seconds of Fame” throughout the rest of the season. We have been running consistently in the 3 second range for our last two races, and look to hurt a few more V8 egos with some more quick passes and maybe even snatch up another win. We have a few left over tickets to the race hanging around the shop, so if anyone is interested, stop by or shoot me an email at and I’ll hook you up. Wanna watch 186 cubic inches beat up on the big boys? Join us in Martin. We’ll see you there!