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Titan Motorsports Project 996TT

September 15th, 2008

We recently began developing our line of Parts for the Porsche 996/997 Twin Turbo platforms. With years of experience building some of the fastest street and race Supras in the country, we decided to begin working the Porsche platform in hopes of building another series of ultimate street cars. The Porsche was a natural progression as it offers a lightweight well tuned chassis and factory twin-turbo charged power plant. We have owned our Yellow 996TT for over 3 years now, but decided to start with a car that was a bit rougher to push the envelope and build an all around monster turbo.

The first step was locating the right car, we searched across the country for the past 1-2 months searching for a good base car and eventually found one in Charlotte,NC for a fair price. We where heading to Rockingham last weekend for an ADRL race making the transaction even easier.

The car is a 01 996TT with 64,000 miles on the clock. We wanted a higher mileage car as we will be tearing it down to the tub eventually, and we wanted to have a car with a bit more mileage to truly test our kits. We plan on building the car in multiple stages, the first to develop our street parts on the car, and then eventually the car into a street/race car similar to our Supra. The street portion of the build will happen over the next few months and we will be updating the blog every step along the way with pictures and new product releases. Here in Florida we normally test and race in the winter when the weather cools down, and this season is looking to be the most fun yet with this new acquisition.

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