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Titan Motorsports Drive/Tuned Supra Update : 3.5L Stroker Installed

May 7th, 2013 Comments off

Over 600,000 people have seen the Supra we build featured on YouTube Drive Networks (Link). Since the car was featured the owner chose to do some further updates to the car including the installation of a new built engine to replace the factory 3.0L 2JZ. We have just recently completed our 3.5L Stroker kit and found this balanced street car the perfect home to install such a powerplant. The 62mm turbocharger was a bit small for the 3.5L displacement but was left on the car for a back to back comparison over the 3.0L. The dyno graph below was done with the same boost levels as the car previously had and just minor tuning to compensate for the added displacement. The horsepower increases were great, however the real impressive figures are the torque increase (652hp / 596tq!). Both of these graphs were produced using 93 Octane fuel, the result is one of the most fun all around street builds we’ve done in a while. A slightly larger turbo and higher octane fuel could provide an even deadlier combination with the displacement increase and would prove to be a great option for those using their 2JZs on the road course.

Titan Motorsports releases 3.5L 2JZ Stroker Kit

June 7th, 2012 Comments off

Taking the old hot rod statement “There’s no Replacement for Displacement” to heart, we went to work and developed a new 3.5L stroker kit for the 2JZ.  Increasing the factory displacement by .5L to increase low end torque and horse power and reduce turbo lag.  Using one of our Titan Motorsports True Billet Crankshaft designed for our 3.5L, we increased the stroke by 10mm to 96mm, increasing the displacement to 3.5L.  The Titan Motorsports 3.5L Billet Crankshaft also features a 1.88″ rod bearing which allows a wider range of bearing options as well as a larger variety of bearing materiel availability over factory sized Toyota bearings. The Billet Crankshaft is complimented by Custom Titan Motorsports / CP Pistons in 87mm bore, and Custom Titan Motorsports / Carrillo H-Bream connecting Rods with Upgraded Rod Bolts both built to our specifications.  The recommended maximum RPM limit for this kit is 9,000 RPM when combined with proper camshaft selection and a lightweight valve train. 

Titan Motorsports 3.5L 2JZ Stroker Kit