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Southern California Shop Tour : Mackin Industries

August 5th, 2010 Comments off

Most consumers haven’t heard of Mackin Industries, however they have heard of Project Mu / Volk Racing / Advan and MXP, just a few of the many companies Mackin is the US importer for.

The TE37 is one of the most timeless wheels in history in my opinion, having seeing them on every car under the sun for over 10 years, it still turns my head to see a proper fitment of this wheel today. This singelock racing version of TE37 Mag is king of the hill when it comes to the TE, and in my opinion would be a great offering for newer GT3 and GT3RS’s which now come from the factory with single nut hubs.

Anyone whose ever ordered a set of Volk wheels knows that if they’re not in stock you’re in for a long wait, Mackin has tried to alleviate this by stocking row upon row of Volk here in the states to help cut lead times.

Rays Engineering has a history of building quality race wheels, not many wheel companies, even those considered the best in the industry can say they produce formula 1 wheels. This project is a testament to the quality and pursuit of perfection Volk / Rays puts into their product, I’m just surprised someone hasn’t tried to get a set of these and go HellaFlush on their Civic with them!

Project Mu is looking to make a big push here in the states and become a household name, as a result Mackin has brought in a ton of new inventory to make sure brakes are there when a customer needs them (as we all know brakes unlike wheels aren’t an item you can wait for, when you need them you need them).

Recently Mackin introduced their own Exhaust line, MXP Exhaust. This high quality line is available for a variety of vehicles and produced using only the highest quality of materials, with weight, sound, and aesthetics all taken into consideration with every exhaust produced.

Mackin offers a custom finishing service for those looking to be extra original, these finishing are done in California by Mackin, not Volk, but offer a great alternative to waiting for those wanting to be a little different.

I want to thank the guys at Mackin for the tour, if you’re in the market for any of the products they offer please don’t hesitate to call or email one of our sales people. Mackin does not sell to the public, however fortunately we do, and we will be more than happy to make sure you get the TE37s or any other product you’ve been dreaming of as quickly as humanly possible.