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Project 996tt hits the dyno and drag strip for initial testing.

February 26th, 2009 1 comment

After a few busy weeks we finally got a chance to get Project 996tt on the dyno for some initial tuning with our new K24/18G+ kit. After a few busy weeks in the shop working on customers cars and a short weight for a few final missing parts we strapped her on our in-house dynojet in RWD format to begin tuning and get some power to the ground.

We’ve slowly been turning up the boost on the car and dialing in the tune with the help of Tony Chick from EPL’s using their new dealer flash tool. The flashing has been flawless and the process of uploading a new file to the car takes mere minutes. We’ve seen great results so far at lower boost levels and will be turning the boost up a couple ticks in the next week or two to get even more power out of the setup. Using our new fuel system is working great and ad 1.31 bar we where only at 55% duty cycle on the injectors, so we have plenty of room to go for more boost, we’ll likely stop at 1.4-1.5bar on race fuel as this should be a good point for hard usage on the stock engine.

First Pass on low boost (1.15 bar):

60′ 1.729
330 4.889
1/8 7.404
MPH 100.83
1000 9.535
1/4 11.293
MPH 126.79

Second Pass with a bit more boost (1.31 bar)

60′ 1.882
330 4.957
1/8 7.306
MPH 105.99
1000 9.344
1/4 11.051
MPH 130.34

We’ll be doing a bit more tuning this week, hopefully turning the wick up for a bit more power. Chris Green @ USP Motorsports is sending a set of his intercoolers for us to use on the car, that should help keep the intake temperatures down as the boost gets turned up. Now that we’ve gone quicker than 11.5X twice, the track has also requested we install a roll bar. We’re going to take some time to install our GMG cage and new Status seats and try to get rid of some more dead weight in the interior. Progress is always a good thing and with a near 10 second pass on only our 2nd pass, I’m quite happy with where we’re heading.

You did WHAT to a Porsche ??? Project 996 gets camouflage.

November 24th, 2008 5 comments

After a few crazy weeks of traveling, we finally got the Porsche paintjob completed.   4-5 hours in the paintbooth behind our shop, probably 15-20 cans of Krylon camouflage and enough fumes going to my brain that I’ll be high for weeks.  Overall I am very happy with the end results, and the opinions of those who have seen the car have been 50/50.  It’s a love hate relationship but that’s exactly what I wanted to achieve and either way it draws 100 times more attention than the factory silver.

Green is Good

November 10th, 2008 1 comment

I Just returned from the SEMA show to find a good bit of progress to our Porsche Project.   We are fortunate enough to have a small body shop located behind us called Pars Autobody.    While I was away at the show they handled the wet-sanding, prepping, and painting of the door jams on the car.  If all goes as plan she’ll get a nice coat of olive drab camouflage tomorrow night, with more pictures to follow.

Project Porsche Paint Teaser

October 27th, 2008 Comments off

Just got the paint in today for the Porsche project, it may not be what you think….