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Titan Releases Triple Tilton for Gallardo / LP550-560-570

May 18th, 2011 Comments off

Titan Motorsports is proud to bring the Tilton Triple Carbon clutch to the performance Lamborghini Market. We developed this kit in our personal Lamborghini Turbo to make sure it was right before releasing it to the general public. After months of developing we had produced all the components necessary to fit a Tilton into your Lamborghini for street applications. The reduced clutch diameter size in addition to the carbon properties allow smoother shifting at high RPM and gear engagement.

The clutch pack itself is the same version we run in our drag and street Supras, most of which are pushing anywhere from 1,000-1,500whp and drag raced frequently. The clutch pack is rated at 1260lb/tq so you will have the highest torque capacity of any clutch offered for the Lamborghini market. In addition to its massive torque rating, the clutch is also serviceable and includes 3 wear spacer plates to extend the life of the clutch, beyond that it can be sent back to Tilton for rebuilds for a fresh start.

If you are looking for the end all clutch for high horsepower applications that can be used to it’s fullest on a drag strip, road course, and your favorite highway, then this is the clutch you’ve been waiting for. The kit comes complete with flywheel, clutch pack, starter gear, and hardware for a complete bolt-in installation. This package is produced exclusively for Titan Motorsports.

Gallardo 2009+ LP550, LP560, LP570 click here

Galardo 2004-2008 click here

NEW Carbonetic Blade Clutch by Across

March 29th, 2010 Comments off

The Carbonetic Blade clutch is the world’s first OEM type Carbon replacement clutch disc. Designed and manufactured by the Across Corporation Japan, this clutch is the latest development in clutch technology, and has utilized the most advanced Carbon/Carbon Composite technology available to date.

With extensive dyno and road testing, Across has successfully created the ultimate OEM type Carbon replacement clutch disc. The Blade clutch answers the needs of drivers wanting the ultimate performance clutch with an OEM feel.

The Blade clutch is the ideal application for fast road, rally, circuit and autocross. Currently available for Evo 8/9 and Subaru STi 04-up.

All Around Use – Ultimate clutch for the street, circuit, rally, and drift applications.
Affordable – price performance that can’t be matched
Light Weight – Faster gear shifts due to the dramatically reduced inertia weight
Ease of Use – Designed to be used as a day to day clutch with easy engagement and OEM feel.
Tuning – Ideal for Stage 1-3 tuned vehicles producing 400WHP *with the 4 paddle Blade and Across cover*
Reduced Transmission Impact – New damper hub allows easy engagement and reduces the impact on your transmission
OEM Compatible – The Blade can be used with stock covers and flywheels or up-rated cover plates and lightened flywheels
Superior Heat Resistance – Exceeding the performance of any metal or organic clutch he Blade has a high resistance to fade.

…Titan Motorsports will post a review on this clutch shortly.