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Custom Ordered Titan Motorsports Bolt In Roll Bar for Nissan GTR

August 1st, 2013 Comments off

When we originally designed our Titan Motorsports Nissan GTR roll bar, our goals were to produce a versatile bar that would fit most consumers needs without requiring permanent modifications to the vehicle. Our standard bars fit the needs of most consumers and continue to be popular, however occasionally we’ll have special requests and do our best to work around our customers needs. A customer contacted us letting us know that he loved the bar, but wanted something he could still have access to the backseat when he wasn’t worried about going to the track. Our fabrication department was able to honor this customers request by incorporating a removable harness bar into the design that can be easily bolted and unbolted using a single bolt per side. Unlike our competition these bars are fabricated 100% in house here at Titan Motorsports using custom jigs and a state of the art computer control bender making sure all bends are precise and tight fitting to the car. Not outsourcing gives us complete control of the entire production allowing us to customize roll bars to the customers needs, from attachment options like this bar, to custom colors in quick order. We also have the ability to build complete chassis and weld in systems for the GTR and any other vehicle, and will be working on a 6 point weld-in mail order kit to be released in the near future for those GTR owners looking to equip their primarily track only cars with roll bars.