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The Working Workshop

June 10th, 2011 Comments off

So often we share with you pictures of the parts and vehicles that enter and leave our shop. What isn’t seen as often are the tools and the production that goes on in the shop to produce those high end products.

Here we have a turbo manifold for a 2JZ-GTE. This particular manifold is similar to the all-out race manifolds, also produced in-house, that we use in our race program.

Above we have a few go-fast-goodies anxiously awaiting their new home.

Links Laying Low. These will be going on a Drag Supra Project we are working on.

Getting Jiggy With It! Here you see some of the jigs that help us reproduce custom parts, or run a production for an off the shelf part number.

An example of which would be our GT-R roll bars. Here we have a neat little army ready to march out to get powder coated.

Just hanging out, holding it down…

I think the Countach wants to race?!?! The staggered fitment on the welding cart may prove to be the difference maker though…

Chill’n like a villain, these intercoolers are awaiting the next step in the production process.

At Titan Motorsports we do a ton of fuel system upgrades given the nature of our turbocharged roots. “Fitting” that we have this stuff just laying around.

No, this isn’t Nero’s closet. It’s what we use to keep the cars on the dyno. Making sure the cars we test are tested safely is a crucial part of what we do.

Environmental safety is important too. With all the cars that come in and leave, it is important for us to live up to our environmental responsibilities as well.

Come by and check out the shop. There is always something of interest rolling in, rolling out, or being created. We hope you’ll agree.