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Koenigsegg CCXR Revisited – Fast Five

April 29th, 2011 Comments off

Last year we had the privilege of visiting a great private collection here in Orlando that featured an array of rare super cars. While watching Fast Five last night I saw some familiar faces, without spoiling the movie I thought it would be a perfect time to revisit this beautiful collection.

Fun Fact : This CCX-R Edition is 1 of 6 in the world, but only 1 of 2 with the automatic paddle shifter.

Thanks once again to my good friend Jon Springer for allowing access to this great collection.

Watch Fast Five FIRST!!

April 20th, 2011 Comments off

Wow, we are on the fifth installment of the Fast & Furious! It seems like just yesterday that the iconic film hit the big screen and helped bring the Import scene into full swing. You’ve all seen the movies. Some parts make you laugh, others cry, (Motec exhausts and welds blowing on the intake manifold to name a few!), but all in all pretty descent movies, and sometimes some pretty descent cars too.

This year, to celebrate the release of Fast Five on April 29th, Titan Motorsports has found a few tickets for an advanced screening of the movie on April 26th. We actually have 10 available, and each ticket is good for 2 people (bring a friend).

The First TEN people who come into Titan, bring a receipt of purchased products from Titan (or buy something then), and mention this blog post gets a ticket. We also have a few posters, t-shirts and stickers to give out too. Come by and see us!

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