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New Garrett GTX-R Turbochargers

December 15th, 2009 Comments off

The next step in the evolution of the turbocharger is here! Garrett GTX-R Turbos feature
all new compressor wheels with next generation aerodynamics and improved efficiency to deliver wicked performance!

Garrett GTX-R Turbochargers provide higher flow and greater boost pressure ratios beyond the world-class Garrett GT series compressor wheels.

GTX-R features

• 10%+ Gain in flow over traditional GT compressor wheel designs.
• 10%+ Higher pressure ratio compared to traditional GT compressor wheel designs.
• Forged, fully machined wheels (billet) for expedited release.
• An 11 Full-blade design for improved efficiency and ultra quiet operation.
• Outline interchangeable with Garrett® GT Series turbos.
• Garrett OE-quality for unbeatable reliability.

The map below clearly shows the gains made in compressor wheel technology over three generations of similarly-sized turbos, from T-Series, through GT and now GTX.

Initially available will be:
. GTX4294R
. GTX4202R
. GTX4508R
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Tial Releases Bolt-on GT Series turbochargers for Porsche

March 26th, 2009 Comments off

After years of development and testing, Tial has released their GT series bolt-on upgrades for the Porsche Turbo. Starting with a garret based core, Tial uses their lightweight custom stainless steel exhaust housings to adapt to the Porsche’s factory exhaust manifolds. Using custom CNC’d brackets they also incorporate factory style waste gate actuators and adapters for the oil lines to allow for easy adaption of the factory hardware. Tial offers these turbos come in 4 configurations tailored for you specific vehicles use and power goals.

These kits come with everything you need to bolt-on and adapt the turbochargers to the factory Porsche exhaust manifolds and hardware. This package includes only the turbo chargers, additional fuel and supporting modifications will be required. We have plenty of fuel solutions available tailored to your goals, and have enlisted EPL’s service to allow the factory Motronic ECU to compensate for the additional airflow these turbos will provide.