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Injen Releases Genesis 2.0L Turbo Cold Air Intake

November 24th, 2009 Comments off

There are a ot of good parts coming out for these cars. A combination of intake and exhaust has been shown to produce nice gains. Check out Injen’s Genesis 2.0L Turbo CAI. Its available in both Polished and Black.

Titan Installs HKS Genesis Exhaust

November 19th, 2009 Comments off

Just recently we had the privilege of installing one of the new HKS Cat Back exhaust systems (Part#31021-KB001) in a brand new Hyundai Genesis 2.0L Turbo. The fit and finish of the HKS exhaust was perfect, installation was a breeze, and the sound was by far the best sounding exhaust system we have yet to hear in a Genesis turbo. HKS sells the axle back and the cat to axle back as 2 separate units if desired, however for this car the whole system chosen. With this new HKS exhaust installed, the performance gain was very noticeable, the looks where gracefully enhanced, and the sound much improved.

Stock Exhaust

HKS Exhaust


Nice finish

We can’t wait to see more parts on the new Genesis.

Eibach Announces Genesis Sportline Performance Springs

August 31st, 2009 Comments off

Eibach Sportline is the extreme-performance spring set created for the extreme enthusiast—the one who craves a race-car attitude for maximum street performance—with the lowest possible drop, but with the exceptional ride quality you expect from Eibach.

Engineered with the same care as our Pro-Kit springs, Eibach Sportline springs achieve legendary handling by aggressively lowering your Hyundai’s center of gravity, using our precision— engineered progressive spring rates.

Extreme Performance Meets Extreme Style
Race-Car Like Handling
Lower than our PRO-KIT—Lowers Genesis 1.4″ Front and 1.6″ Rear
Progressive Spring Design
Excellent Ride Quality
Part of the Eibach SPORT-PLUS
Million Mile Warranty

By radically lowering your car’s center of gravity, our Sportline springs dramatically reduce squat during acceleration, body roll in corners and nosedive under braking. By using our proprietary, progressive spring design, our Sportline springs provide the ultimate balance between high performance, extreme lowering and comfortable ride quality. When combined with today’s wild 18″, 19″ or 20″ wheels and tires, the result is a car that handles just as white-hot as it looks.

OE rate: 25 N/mm (141 lbs/in)
SLK rate: Progressive 24-42 N/mm
(137-240 lbs/in)
Tubing: Yes
Bump-stop: New Eibach bumpstop and dustboot
OE wheel center to fender: 384mm
(15.1 in)
SLK wheel center to fender: 349mm
(13.7 in)

Sportline can be aligned to OE specifications.

Approximate installation time: 1.0 hr

OE bar: 54 mm (308 lbs/in)
SLK rate: Progressive 26-81 N/mm
(148-461 lbs/in)
Tubing: Yes
Bump-stop: New Eibach bumpstop

OE wheel center to fender: 394mm
(15.5 in)
SLK wheel center to fender: 353mm
(13.9 in)

Sportline can be aligned to OE specifications.

Approximate installation time: 1.0 hr