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Titan Motorsports Copper Demo GTR Receives Interior Upgrade

July 9th, 2013 Comments off

One of the largest complaints about the Nissan GTR from magazines and other reviewers was that the interior was far too bland. The exterior of the car and raw performance put it in the same arena as many vehicles that cost 2-3 times it’s price tag, however once you’re in the car the difference in price becomes much more apparent once you stepped into the interior. Having already completed a number of full leather upgrades in customers cars we knew we had to raise the bar a bit for our in progress demo GTR, and boy have we ever. We chose a high quality black napa leather for the material for this build as its soft smooth finish and a bright sunburst stitching that matched closely to our Titan Copper exterior. Drawing inspiration from modern hyper cars we decided to branch out from the standard diamond stitching that is becoming common place these days and worked to incorporate a swooping diamond pattern that straightens out as the panels get taller on both the front and rear seats. The headliner was recovered in Alcantara with tasteful panel work stitched in to give it some much needed dimension. We weren’t done there, in addition to the seats we also re-vamped the dash panels in the same napa and orange treatment. Our Titan Motorsports bolt in roll bar was custom painted copper as well to round out this interior.

We can handle any interior upholstery job big or small here at Titan Motorsports. While we are physically located located in Orlando, thanks to our daily international shipments, our work can be seen all over the world in various vehicles. Due to the number of available material,stitching and pattern options interiors are quoted on an individual vehicle basis, so call or email to receive a quotation.

2013 Nissan GTR gets host of Upgrades before heading to South Africa

April 30th, 2013 Comments off

We’ve shipped cars and parts all around the world for over a decade, however occasionally we get a request that is a bit outside our normal radar. This particular GTR was one such case, arriving at our door with nothing but delivery miles on the odometer the owner was looking to upgrade his newly purchased GTR before it was exported to his home country, of South Africa. He was quite happy with the GTR’s performance, but wanted it a bit sportier, and like most was not impressed with the factory interior options. We’re always up for a good challenge, and with a quick turnaround time we were able to delivery upon the owners wishes before handling the logistics of making sure the car arrived to South Africa in the same perfect condition it arrived.

he interior was completely dismantled and all panels wrapped with a high grade italian leather. The owner was happy wanted the interior to look factory just with finer materials. All panels including the rear factory plastics were carefully recovered in the same leather with gray stitching to provide contrast. The headliner was also upgraded with a Alcantara being the material of choice putting this GTR on the same level as its european competition.Anyone who opens the door and gets a quick smell of that fine italian leather knows this GTR interior is like no other.

The exhaust was upgraded to a Speed By Design mid pipe and catback exhaust section, however with strict laws in his home country the Titanium tips were swapped out for factory units to help the car fly under the radar. A Cobb access port tune helps make the most out of the exhaust upgrades and improve shifting with new shift algorithms installed as well.