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Titan Motorsports acquires Jestr Tuning

May 1st, 2014 Comments off

Titan Motorsports has acquired Jestr Tuning and retained the services of John Estrada as our full-time house tuner. John holds a degree in Computer Engineering from UCF and have previously worked in Computer Forensics and Training and Simulation for projects related to the DOD. His background as a software engineer and architect has allowed him to become proficient in programing in C,C++,Python, and many other programming languages in addition to having experience with ISO9141, CAN BUS, and other protocols.

With over 18 years of experience tuning electronic fuel injection, John is also well versed in most standalone engine management systems as well as factory ECUs (including but not limited to repair and Eprom tuning).

Current List of Standalones we service:

Motec Certified (Including M1 platform).
Cobb Pro Tuner (Most Applications)
HP Tuners
Open Source Tuning
ECU Piggybacks

In addition to the Standalone tuning options, we also offer re-flashes for many vehicles utilizing open source applications and our Tuning partners. For vehicle specific applications or platforms not listed please call or email. Traveling tuning, remote tuning, dyno days, and wholesale pricing for shops is also available, contact John or visit the tuning section of our website for more information.

Titan Motorsports Tuning

For questions or to schedule your tuning appointment John can be reached via email or 407-447-6120.

Titan Teams Up With HP Tuners

December 17th, 2009 Comments off

Titan Motorsports is now an official dealer and tuner of HP Tuners’ GM line. HP Tuners provides cost effective tuning and data acquisition solutions for many GM and Ford vehicles, and has had years of success and experience in the automotive industry. Looking to get more power from your new Camaro or Corvette while still having a reliable set-up and tune? Let Titan Motorsports and HP Tuners help you safely bring out the full potential of your street machine. Give us a call about any of HP Tuners’ products. Website updates coming soon.