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The Quarter Mile: Short Film on the Worlds Fastest Import – E.Kanoo Racing / Titan Motorsports

April 15th, 2013 Comments off

Epic releases their short film “The Quarter Mile” documenting the World record seting performance of the Worlds Quickest Import, the Titan Motorsports built Supra of E Kanoo Racing.

EK Kanoo Racing Supra built by Titan Motorsports becomes Worlds Quickest Import

March 28th, 2013 Comments off

March 28,2013 : The EK Kanoo Racing Supra driven by Gary White set the record for the Worlds Quickest Import at Bahrain International Circuit with a 6.237@227.77 MPH pass. The car is a 3/4 chassis built entirely in house by Titan Motorsports and featured a Titan built 2JZ powerplant which still featured OEM Block and Head castings. The Supra will continue to try to best this current feet while participating in the BDRC Championship currently in progress.

EKanoo Racing sets new Supra IRS Record 7.591@179mph

November 17th, 2011 Comments off

Ebrahim Kanoo and E.Kanoo Racing, with the help of Titan Motorsports and Shane T tuning, set a new world record for the worlds quickest IRS Supra today with a 7.591 @ 179mph pass in Bahrain. This pass was completed using the factory Toyota independent rear suspension using a Titan Motorsports 2JZ race engine tuned by Shane Tecklenburg. The team also just received their new 3/4 chassis Supra built by Titan Motorsports and looks forward to further testing and record setting with it.