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FOS Orlando 2010

October 12th, 2010 Comments off

This weekend marked the 5th annual Festivals of Speed in Orlando at the Ritz-Carlton Resort. The event consists of some of the finest vintage and contemporary automobiles, motorcycles, and boats from around the country.

The show had everything from luxurious Bentlys… 50’s classics.

There was also quite a collection of Lamborghini offerings, including the new Titan Motorsports Street Gallardo sporting twin turbos and 750hp on pump gas.

But the show wasn’t only for the super rich. Here is a tastefully done M3 that really stood out in Atlantis Blue.

Pair of T-Birds in vintage colors.

OG Superleggera next to one of its many offspring.

Pontiac Concept Car – This is what the future looked like over a half century ago!

Join Titan Motorsports in Miami for FOS on November 14th. We’ll see ya there!