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Titan Motorsports releases Street and 6 Puck Performance Clutch Kits for the MKIII and MKIV Supra

May 8th, 2012 Comments off

For over a decade we’ve been developing parts to help drivers reliably increase the horsepower in their Toyota Supra.   To help make sure all that power gets put to the ground we’ve developed our own Titan Motorsports clutches kits for the MKIII and MKIV Supra.  Combining experience gained from our in house tuning department and data gathered from our drag race program, It has allowed us to develop a clutch that offers superior holding power with improved drivability. 
For the MKIV Supra, we currently have kits in 2 available configurations, a Street Clutch and a 6 Puck Sprung Aggressive Clutch.   The street clutch kit is designed for cars equipped with factory turbo chargers or smaller single turbochargers and will handle 485lb/tq.  It offers smooth engagement with a slightly more aggressive pedal pressure for consistent pedal feel.  The 6 Puck Sprung Disk clutch kit was designed for mid frame and larger turbochargers and is rated at 620lb/tq.  The 6 puck Sprung clutch design will offer better heat dissipation in high horsepower applications, with an more aggressive engagement than the street disc.   For the MKIII Supra a single offering of a 6 puck Sprung clutch rated at 500lb/tq  is available, which is also compatible with 1JZ engine combinations. Our Titan Motorsports clutch kits are compatible with the OEM Toyota dual mass flywheel, as well as many lightweight aluminum and chromoly aftermarket flywheels. We are expanding our clutch line in the coming months, with these being our first releases.
Titan Motorsports clutch kits include a clutch disc, alignment tool, pressure plate and all necessary replacement bearings.
MKIV (93-98 Supra Turbo) Sport Clutch Kit     
Part Number:  TMS SUP-DRV-701
Price:  $650.00
MKIII (87-89 Supra 7MGTE or 1JZ-GTE) 6 puck sprung Clutch Kit
Part Number   TMS SUP-DRV-700
Price:  $700.00    
MKIV (93-98 Supra Turbo) 6 Puck Clutch Kit
Part Number  TMS MK3-DRV-700
Price:  $749.00