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Motec releases new offerings and price reduction on Factory M800 PNP Ecu Kits

August 21st, 2012 Comments off

For a Limited time we are offering the Motec Plug N Play Ecu’s fully unlocked for $3499.00. These are limited to the application list shown below.

The latest software for MoTeC ECUs, Version 3, is developed to optimize tuning for the increasing sophistication of modern engines. It has a range of new and improved features and control functions and an increased table functionality.

MoTeC Plug-In ECU benefits include:
• Maximum tuning power
• Ease of install – replaces the factory computer
• Utilization of standard wiring loom, saving you the time and expense of rewiring your car
• M800 ECU – unsurpassed power and flexibility
• Utilization of standard wiring loom, saving you the time and expense of rewiring your car

MoTeC M800 Plug-In ECUs are fully programmable, direct replacements for factory ECUs on a select number of popular vehicle models. Based on the M800, they control the latest automotive advances such as continuously variable camshaft timing and drive by wire throttle.

Complete with an OEM connector, M800 Plug-Ins are convenient and cost effective to install because they eliminate the need to rewire the vehicle. They simply plug into the factory wiring harness using the original sensors, ignition modules and fuel system. The units are built to operate with saturated drive fuel injectors.

The pricing changes are applied to the basic ECU hardware price. On top of the discount, the price will now include essential features such as Cam Control and Drive by Wire on the Mitsubishi EVO 10 and Subaru 9-10 versions.

• 4 x Injector outputs
• 4 x Ignition outputs
• 14 x Auxiliary outputs—for functions such as camshaft control, drive by wire throttle, boost control, nitrous injection, idle speed stepper motor and many more Inputs
• 8 x Analogue voltage inputs—fully configurable including custom calibrations
• 6 x Analogue temperature inputs—fully configurable including custom calibrations
• 2 x Wideband Lambda inputs—for Lambda measurement and control
• 4 x Digital/speed inputs—for wheel speeds and function activation

• 1 x CAN
• 1 x RS232

• Board sizes to fit into the OEM ECU enclosure
• Connector to match OEM connector

Available Applications
Mitsubishi EVO 4-8
Mitsubishi EVO 8-9
Mitsubishi EVO 10
Subaru 5-6
Subaru 7-8
Subaru 9-10

We also have great deals on complete Custom Motec PNP Kits for applications not listed such as the MKIV Supra, call 407-277-8423 and speak to one of our sales staff with any questions or to order.