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Titan Motorsports Nissan GTR CNC Cylinder Heads and Valvetrain Upgrade

September 25th, 2012 Comments off

Titan Motorsports introduces our cylinder head and valve train upgrade program for the Nissan GTR and it’s VR38 engine platform.  The VR38 engine platform is a very robust platform to begin with, however utilizing cylinder head technology gained from our years of racing and building turbocharged engines, Titan Motorsports was able to improve the factory cylinder heads. Computer aided CNC porting allows exact dimensions to be tested and replicated across all 6 cylinder ports, achieving equal airflow for all 6 cylinders. These results can not be produced or replicated using traditional hand cylinder porting, and allow for more exact ECU tuning and additional horsepower as a result of the additional airflow.

The valvetrain was produced in partnership with industry leader Ferrea to ensure the valve and spring package would operate harmoniously with the increased airflow provided from the CNC porting. This upgraded cylinder head utilizes an upgraded OEM valve size and dual spring combination in conjunction with titanium retainers to maintain the lightest valve train possible without sacrificing durability. Reducing the valvetrain weight allows the engines redline to be raised and consistent and reliable engine revolutions in the 9000+ range to be achieved. 

The factory head flows 280CFM on the intake side and 202 CFM on the exhaust side at 28″ test pressure. With our CNC port and upgraded valvetrain the result was 332 CFM on the Intake side and 242 CFM on the exhaust side at the same 28″ test pressure. The complete package results in an astounding gain of 52CFM on the intake side and 40CFM on the exhaust without any sacrifice in reliability or drivability. All flow tests were completed on the latest 1020 Super Flow bench using advanced data collection which allows for a more accurate reading over the Super Flow 600 it replaces (which typically reads 10-12 CFM higher).
Available Now on our Website : Titan Nissan GTR CNC Cylinder Heads

Titan Motorsports Nissan GTR Lightweight Battery Kit

August 21st, 2012 Comments off

The GTR is known for being a technological wonder of an automobile that is a bit on the heavy side in terms of curb weight. One of the best ways to get rid of some of this unnecessary weight is the installation of a lightweight battery in place of the factory version which weighs in at over 27lbs. The Titan Motorsports GTR Battery kit was developed as a complete lightweight battery solution for the GTR which includes a Lithium Pros Lithium Battery, and lightweight engineered mounting bracket. The included bracket is CAD designed and laser cut from 6061 Aluminum to allow the battery to be installed in the factory location. No permanent modifications to the vehicle are required allowing for an easy installation that is completely reversible in the event the car is returned to stock. Included with the kit is a state of the art Lithium Pros L680 Lithium Powerpack which offers all the power requirements necessary, while weighing in over 20lbs lighter than the factory battery.

The L680 Lithium Powerpack is fully alternator compatible and weighs only 5 lbs 8 oz. The performance vs. cost of this battery makes it a great value in a lightweight racing battery for road course, asphalt circle track, and dirt track with alternators. This 12V Lithium-Ion battery has 25 minutes of reserve and a total capacity of 11Ah. It can deliver 800A max and 125A continuously which is more than enough to start engines up to 500 cu in. and supplement the alternator’s output. This battery features fast cell balancing for safety, long life, and maximum capacity. A unique feature of this battery is the completely solid state MOSFET protection system including automatic low voltage, high voltage, in coming current limiting, over current, and short circuit protection.

Part Number : TMS GTR-ENG-402


Titan Motorsports GTR Edition T-shirt

August 14th, 2012 Comments off

The Nissan GTR is the latest addition to our demo car line-up, and as a result it also is the latest to be featured in our Silhouette t-shirt series.

Locally screen printed on black premium 100% cotton shirts in sizes ranging from Small to XL. Just in time for summer, these are available now on our website for $17.99, get yours today!

Titan Motorsports GTR T-Shirt

Titan Motorsports Nissan R35 GTR Dampened Crank Pulley

April 24th, 2012 Comments off

Titan Motorsports has teamed up with ATI Performance to release it’s patened Super Damper for the Nissan R35 GTR. The Titan/ATI SuperDamper is the only crank damper designed exclusively for high performance engines to eliminate torsional crankshaft vibrations. This pulley is SFI 18.1 rated and exceeds NHRA requirements for those cars going quicker than 11.50 at the drag strip. A direct replacement for the OEM crank pulley, its black zinc chromate finish prevents rusting and allows the 360° laser engraved timing marks to be easily read.

Retail: $459.00 and available immediately on our website at the link below :
Titan Motorsports Nissan R35 GTR Dampened Crank Pulley

Manley releases Turbo Tuff I Beam Steel connecting rods for R35 Nissan GTR

April 18th, 2012 Comments off

Manley Pro Series connecting rods are forged from aircraft quality 4340 vacuum degassed material. Each rod is fully machined in the Manley Lakewood, NJ factory to the highest standards. Our signature “Turbo Tuff” design combines the appropriate weight and rugged strength for ultimate horsepower applications. Each rod is shot peened after machining and magnafluxed. Bores are round and without taper. Bend and twist is tightly controlled. Like our “Turbo Tuff” series, our 300M rods utilize all of the same machining processes and our held to the same high standards but are made from 300M alloy. Cap fasteners are 7/16″ APR 2000 cap screws. Horsepower range for the 4340 rods is 1,250+ and 1,400+ for the 300M.

These rods are available on our website at the link below.
Manley GTR VR38DETT Turbo Tuff I Beam Steel Connecting Rod Set

Injen Releases Dual Short Ram Intake for Nissan R35 GTR

March 6th, 2012 Comments off

Injen has released their latest intake setup for the R35 GTR. The system comes with intakes, upper intercooler piping and couplers. No recalibration of the ecu is required, just bolt on and go for expected gains of up to 30hp / 25tq. The intakes feature Injens high flowing web Nano dry filters, which require no oiling. The intake is available in your choice of chrome or black chrome with red couples.

The system retails for $700.00 and can be found on our website at the link below.

Injen Nissan R35 GTR Dual Short Ram Intake System

COBB Tuning releases Big SF Intake for Nissan GT-R

November 10th, 2011 Comments off

COBB Tuning is proud to announce the release of our latest addition to our Nissan GT-R performance parts: The COBB Tuning Big SF Intake. The Big SF Intake is a 3-inch ID intake designed to open the door to high-power builds in the future, yet work effortlessly with an otherwise stock GT-R. The Big SF Intake kit future-proofs your intake, so you won’t need to upgrade this component later if you decide to go down the path of major modifications. Furthermore, it installs as easily as our regular SF Intake, without any cutting or trimming of bodywork.

In stock form, the R35 ECU measures airflow using a Mass Airflow (MAF) sensor located in the stock intake system. As modifications add up and increase power, the airflow can increase to the point that it exceeds the MAF sensor’s maximum capacity, preventing the ECU from accurately measuring air mass, and thus unable to deliver the appropriate amount of fuel. The Big SF Intake increases the inner diameter of the intake tubing, increasing the cross section of the intake and allowing the MAF sensor to read lower for the same amount of ingested air. This gives the sensor the necessary headroom to read accurately for airflow higher than the stock system was designed for. COBB Tuning has used the Big SF Intake to support builds of over 600HP and 600TQ at the wheels, gains of 40% over a stock GT-R!

Changing the calibration of the MAF sensor necessitates tuning changes to recalibrate the ECU. COBB Tuning has you covered here as well with a set of free AccessPORT Big SF Intake Off-The-Shelf maps for all supported GT-R Stage1 and Stage2 vehicles. Big SF Intake maps are available for download from the Nissan GT-R AccessPORT Map Database.

The Big SF Intake shares all of the same quality features of its popular smaller brother. Constructed of 3-inch diameter aluminum tubing with TIG welded bracketry and MAF sensor mount and finished with a tough black crinkle coating for an OEM quality appearance. High-Flow K&N cone filter elements fit through the factory openings in the bumper. Your choice of high-quality COBB Blue or Steath Black silicone couplers are used to join the intake to the factory system.

If you looking to upgrade your GT-R’s intake and are considering modifying your GT-R for more power down the road, the COBB Tuning Big SF Intake will meet your immediate intake-upgrade needs with matching AccessPORT calibrations, and will meet airflow demands as you continue to modify your car in your quest for more horsepower. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Now Available on our Website : COBB Tuning Big SF Nissan GTR Intake

COBB Blue Silicone Couplers: 7C1101BL
Stealth Black Silicone Couplers: 7C1101BK
Retail Price: $695.00

Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes Heavy Duty 1st gear kit for Nissan GTR

March 12th, 2009 Comments off

Today we recieved the first upgraded first gear kit from Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes in Australia to arrive in the US. We’ve had great success using PPG’s products in the past, and when we heard of the problems arising with the GTR’s factory Dual clutch gearbox, we knew they would have a solution in the works. After a few emails down under we learned they indeed had a solution in the works, so we began discussions to bring this kit to the United States. PPG beefed up the 1st gear width and the width of the accompanying gear shaft as well using their state of the art machinery. Once a heavier duty gear was machined, they treated the gear to their “control atmosphere” heat treating process, ensuring that the gear would case hardened for added strength. Using a computer controlled atmosphere (furnace) where carbon and other elements are monitored and maintained at optimum levels via highly advanced software and sensors, ensures accurate and efficient heat treating, consistently producing a well hardened and strengthened product for Pfitzner customers.

This first kit will be installed in John Reese of Samurai Speeds record setting R35 GTR in the coming weeks. John’s original first gear broke after many launches using the factory launch control as many other GTR owners have experienced. With this upgraded first gear and first gear main shaft we expect the factory transmission to handle the abuse of hard launches allowing John to continue his record setting pace in Samurai Speeds quest for the first 9 second GTR. PPG is also working on a complete gear set for the GTR which should be available in the near future as well, we anticipate to stock both items for GTR owners looking to take their cars to the next level.