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Albins Nissan R35 GTR 1st to 6th Kit with Albins Gear Retaining System

March 1st, 2012 Comments off

Building on the phenomenal success of the Albins 1100 HP 1st gear upgrade for R35 GTR, the long awaited release of a matching 2nd to 6th gear set was recently rolled out. The Albins high-shockload gear “ground” tooth profile rather than the conventionally hobbed tooth delivers tooth profile perfection with zero noise. Robotic CMM scanned tooth profiles deliver perfect gear mesh with substantial increases in power holding capability. Recently tested by Ivey Technologies in the USA, and found to have less tranmission noise than the OEM transmission, the Albins 2-6th gear set is a must-have for highly tuned R35 GTRs with power nearing the 1100 HP mark. The Albins product can be found in cars such as Europe’s fastest R35 GTR, built by fellow Albins dealer Severn Valley Motorsport. Available at an industry leading price point, the Albins range of R35 GTR products all offer the significant advantages that come with Isotropic polishing and gear profile grinding.

Albins has also released its “Albins Gear Retention System” that eliminates the need for Factory or Upgraded Circlips to retain gears in the GR6 Transmission. The Albins system offers substantial benefits in location and rigidity of the gear/shaft interface at power levels approaching 1100hp as well as reducing costs invoved in purchasing upgraded circlips in an attempt to better retain gears.

1-6th Synchro Gear set (includes primary shaft and 1-6 gears)
Ratios –Std 3.36 (14:47) – 1.90 (21:40) – 1.32 (25:33) – 1.03 (30:31) – 0.83 (35:29) – 0.66 (44:29)

Retail : $10750.00

Available Now on our Website :

Stillen Supercharged 370Z

August 9th, 2011 Comments off

We just wrapped a supercharger install on this great looking Nissan 370Z. When the car arrived it made 274hp on our Dynojet in naturally aspirated form. After installing the Stillen bolt on Supercharger and supporting mods we strapped the 370z back on the dyno, and after some custom tuning from UpRev to battle the harsh 100+ degree humid temperatures we’re experiencing in Florida, the car made 399whp. A nearly 125hp gain was achieved using this bolt-on supercharger system, and the car drives flawlessly in the street, even in the near monsoon like conditions we’re dealing with. Coupled with an oil cooler to keep oil temps down, and an AP Racing Big brake kit to help slow things down, this is one car sure to leave a smile on the owners face with every drive.