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Ferrari 599 GTB – The Gentleman’s Ferrari gets Supercharged by Novitec

November 3rd, 2010 Comments off

Many dream of one day owning a Ferrari and indulging in the brilliant driving experience it delivers. Others, who can afford such an automotive masterpiece, are simply looking to upstage the next guy. So, what do these few fortunate souls do when the Ferrari 599 GTB in the garage just isn’t exciting enough anymore? You enlist the help of a specialist tuner to take what many perceive as automotive perfection and make it better. This particular customer took his 599 to the extreme with a Novitec twin supercharger kit, KW Suspension with Hydraulic lift, Novitec signature 21” wheels, and a clear bra to protect its beautiful Ferrari red paint. The end result is a supercar that delivers performance beyond ones wildest dreams, while still retaining a sophisticated ride any gentleman can appreciate.

Titan Motorsports is an authorized Novitec distributor and also one of the US install centers for Novitec performance upgrades. Let Titan and Novitec help take your Ferrari to the next level.