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Event Coverage : Titan Motorsports attends Simply Clean 4

November 12th, 2012 Comments off

Titan Motorsports attended the Simply Clean 4 meet at Destination Daytona in Ormond Beach. This meet has grown over the years as it caters to a wide array of enthusiasts looking to meet other like individuals and bridge the gap between specific make shows and appreciate all uniquely modified vehicles. After outgrowing and having to deal with the closing of their previous facility Route 46 in Sanford, the show was looking for a new home to accommodate their growing following and found it at Destination Daytona in Ormond Beach. While this facility was much larger than the previous host, cars of all different genres packed every square inch of the venue proving that the success of the show may require an even large venue next year. At one point the local authorities had to to shut down the interstate exit leading to the show in an effort to control the influx of cars still looking to attend the show. From stanced Volkswagens,leather-es wrapped Saab Wagon,tuned exotics to slammed Honda Ruckuses the show had it all. There were plenty of clean cars and unique trends exhibited at the show, and while we may not agree or understand all of them, this show continues to be one we look forward to attending, until SC5 enjoy the coverage below.

Evolution Motorsports Summer Tour stops at Titan Motorsports in Orlando,FL

June 29th, 2010 Comments off

Evolution Motorsports chose Titan Motorsports as the official Orlando stop for their East Coast Summer Tour. After spending a few days in South Florida, the EvoMS crew trucked up the turnpike in their toterhome carrying the EVT650 Porsche 997.2 PDK, EVOT1200 Porsche 997.1, and Gumpert Apollo super car. Todd Zuccone and Matt Carrick kicked off the visit with a seminar for our employees on the history of Evo and their commitment to building only the highest quality Porsche products on the market. We were then treated to a first hand look at some of the great vehicles put together at Evolutions Arizona facility and the precision engineering in their complete tuning packages. I personally enjoyed the EVT650 car, I’ve never been a big fan of automatic sports cars, however the PDK system combined with the additional horsepower provided by Evo upgrade package made for a very fast, responsive car that drove better than stock.

Titan Motorsports is proud to join the Evolution Motorsports Dealer network, and soon will be a fully equipped EvoMSit dealer, capable of flashing most ECU’s in house from Porsche to Ferrari to Mini and everything in between. We will be offering their complete line of tuning packages and can install any of their power packages available for Porsche vehicles, both in the United States, and abroad. For more information on having your vehicle equipped with Evolution Motorsports parts or tuned with EvoMSit, please contact one of our specialists at 407-277-8423.